GDC 09: In A Nut Shell

CGReviews writes:

"I'm not like most game enthusiasts out there. When I attend a conference, I don't race to be first online with information or exclusive interviews. Why? Because I don't care to read them, so why would I write them? Instead, I like to get home, cool down and reflect back on the event with a level head.

Boy am I glad I did this same thing with GDC 2009. Read on for some good and bad impressions."

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Da One3518d ago

"InFamous will do a little better, but not much. Pretend that these two titles are passengers on the Titanic. Prototype would be third class, and InFamous would be second class. They'll both die, but InFamous will hold out just long enough to watch Prototype sink into the icy abyss."

someone has issues.............

ps921173518d ago

GDC in a nutshell, ps3 lead in exclusive increases 2 fold.