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Mass Effect 2 -- Problems Solved?

BioWare knows there were a few technical issues with Mass Effect. Rather than putting the blinders on and forging ahead, the team took a step back and looked at what in the development process caused those problems to exist and then came up with a new process for the sequel. As Corey Andruko, project manager for Mass Effect 2 summed it up at the close of BioWare's talk on its iterative level design process at the Game Developers Conference, "We had a little bit of a hitching on the Citadel...maybe the loading on the elevators was a little long...We definitely feel we would have been able to resolve these problems." (Mass Effect 2, PC, Xbox 360)

lord_of_balrogs  +   2133d ago
Personally, I didn't mind the elevator times, I mean long loads are part of almost every RPG. I mean compared to the KOTOR on the xbox, Mass Effect load times were quick. The only real problem I had with the game was the framerate stutters at areas of intense action.
Columbo  +   2133d ago
Yeah the game stuttered and had lots of pop-ins unfortunately. It was a great game, but hampered by a few technical issues. I wonder if those are fixed if you install the game to the hard drive. Anyone know?
RememberThe357  +   2133d ago
Pop-in and the slightly repetetive level design where my only issues with ME.
If they can fix those problems and keep the quality of everything else to the same level, they will have something close to perfect.
Harry190  +   2133d ago
Even when you install to the hard drive
pop in remains( slightly better however) but the framerate issues are the same as always.

Don't worry, the PS3 version should have none of those, if you do plan on purchasing the game once more.
Acidicpack  +   2133d ago
The PC release of Mass Effect really fixed most of the problems that plagued the 360

The inventory management was worlds better

The frame rate stayed around 60 frames a second

And the loading of the textures was better at times.

If they could just find a way to make the planet exploring more fast pace and add in better side quests we will have a real gem in our consoles and PCs

Also if you install Mass Effect to the 360 hard drive it cuts the elevator loads times in half.
PS I really hope that the PS3 gets this game all gamers should be able to play a great game like this.
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pain777pas  +   2132d ago
there was tearing, textures loaded after you like could have been moving around for like seconds, and framerate issues galore on 360. Now that being said I thinks its 360s best console exclusive title because tech issues aside it was that damn good.
Neoraf  +   2132d ago
Mass Effect = My best game EVER.

Deep story, relationships, Sci-Fi, astounding music, great atmosphere, moral choices, cinematic experience, I can't wait for Mass Effect 2!
Bnet343  +   2133d ago
They admit ME1 had problems at least, and hopefully ME2 will be an improvement from a technical standpoint. It seems like it will from what they are saying. Personally, I did not experience too many problems playing ME1. Maybe it's because I had the NXE install? The only problems I saw were the texture pop-ins and maybe a a rare drop in framerate on a snowy planet or large-scale battle. That being said, please BioWare, TAKE YOUR TIME. Make this a masterpiece no one will ever forget. :)
PS360PCROCKS  +   2133d ago
Pop-in was annoying, framerate stuttering was bothersome at times and the elevators made me wanna scream. I had some parts where the game froze and I had to restart it. I actually had to return the original copy to Gamestop and get a new one because it wouldn't load an entire area of the Citadel. I'm not a hater though, I still really loved the ME, it was an engaging experience and very fun. I'm happy to know they are acknowledging the issues though. Hopefully they can use the NXE install as a reference to help themselves.
Kushan  +   2133d ago
Good to see Progress has been made. I always felt that Mass Effect was a "good" game that could have easily been a "great" game had it not been for the technical issues. Plus, it did always feel to me that a lot of it was cut out or something, now they admit it and I'm not surprised.
ME2 is still a day-1 purchase for me, though.
Agent VX  +   2133d ago
Mass Effect was easily in the top 10 games released so far this generation for any console. I didn't find much problems with the game at all and really enjoyed it.

Can't wait for ME2.
RememberThe357  +   2133d ago
ME was/is a fantastic game. Easily in my top ten as well. Maybe even top five if I think about it.
Firstkn1ghT  +   2133d ago
Game did have a few glitches here and there but that didn't stop it from being my number 1 game of all time.
jkhan  +   2133d ago
I didn't mind the elevator ride, but one of the annoying thing was that you can't really do during those elevator rides, I mean if you open up your inventory the elevator section won't move ahead. Secondly I doubt they will be able to fix the streaming issue, since it's the engine's flaw rather than devs issue. I mean Gears 1, Gears 2, and UT3 all had the slow streaming textures. I think the game needed a month of polish to fix the slow down and stuff, but they had to launch in Nov. due to the holiday season. I really hope they don't rush the game this time around.
Captain Tuttle  +   2133d ago
The biggest problem was/is the lack of DLC. BioWare said we would get quite a bit of it and that never happened. One extra planet and then nothing.
REALgamer  +   2133d ago
It's always good to see...
A developer admitting problems in their own game. It shows they aren't resting on their success and are aware of issues that need fixing in the sequel.

If only all developers could stop and take a look at their games critically to find problems that need fixing. Guerilla stepped up with Killzone 2 over the mediocre Killzone 1, Saint's Row 2 was a big improvement over 1, and now Mass Effect 2 is looking like it'll improve on the first. Not that the first was bad, I really loved it, but there's always room for improvement.
kwyjibo  +   2133d ago
Mass Effect was underwhelming
It was a good game, but never delivered the stand out experience that it was gunning for. I think Edge gave it a 7, and I agree with that.

I was a big fan of KOTOR and its sequel (I actually preferred the second, even though it was rushed), but for Mass Effect, coming out so many years later, I expected something more. Had BioWare delivered on the promised dialogue tree, the promised moral ambiguities, got rid of the pointless barren planets with their prefab interiors, and it would have been mindblowing.

In the end, it was KOTOR in a slightly duller universe. Sure, good game, and maybe they needed something safe in which to ground their universe, but I hope that Mass Effect 2 does something bold.
pshizle  +   2133d ago
Sunny_D  +   2132d ago
the two i can think of that are perfectionist in the gaming industry are Hideo Kojima from Kojima Productions, and Kazunori Yamauchi from Polyphony Digital.
SpoonyRedMage  +   2132d ago
I think it was the UE3 that totally screwed it up.
Neoraf  +   2132d ago
Mass Effect is my Best Game of ALL TIME.

The reason I own a 360.
Mass Effect, best mature RPG I ever played.
IdleWillKill  +   2132d ago
Mass Effect was a great game. There were a few annoying parts that needed improving. For the most part everyone has said it, the load times got tiresome at points, some framerate issues, and texture popping. Those didn't bother me. What bothered me were the controls for the vehicles being overly sensitive and the non main worlds level design being underwhelming. The worlds had the same buildings and designs, i know it takes a lot to make a game but id like more than a handful of levels that get recycled. It made the side quests rather bland. As far as everything else goes, i wouldn't mind no framerate hiccups, no texture pop in and better load times, I just want better vehicles and more unique levels. Either way I will own Mass Effect 2 and probably enjoy it immensely.
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