PSP Price Drop? Not This Year

PSP World Writes:

"While we all sit and wait patiently for the PS3 price drop that never comes, our minds wander to Sony's other console, the PSP. According to recent NPD hardware figures, sales of the PSP have declined by 18 per cent year-over-year when compared with February 2008. This drop in sales suggests to many that a PSP price cut should be forthcoming, to spur sales of the flagging handheld."

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clinker3402d ago

The bigger story is how expensive the Nintendo DSi is: $170 for a couple of crappy 0.3 megapixel cameras does not seem like a good deal to me.

KionicWarlord2223402d ago

but nintendo sells them like hot cakes. :)


go work you broke azz fools

farhsa20083402d ago

psp doesnt need a price cut

RememberThe3573401d ago

I've been stuck on Phantasy Star and Resistance lately. Those games kick ass.

xabmol3401d ago

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jrsenkbe3402d ago

I want to get another PSP (sold mine a few months after launch) but dont want to find out that a new version will hit shortly after I buy a new one.

Is a touch screen with no UMD and a HDD coming or not? Thats all I want to know.

Hotdang3402d ago

That's the only reason I haven't purchased on yet I'd hate for a newer version to drop immediately after I buy one. Nevertheless, if I wait too long that's exactly what will inevitably happen :)

Ju3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Same here. Mine just broke. I could repair it, but I did that twice already (and it doesn't work that well anymore). So I would go for a new one, but these price rumors and the rumors about a new model are holding me back...and I didn't even pick up R:R yet.

BTW: If the new one would not have an UMD drive, then they need to at least sell a USB-UMD drive (like the PS2 memory card adapter) so you can transfer the games or such.

jrsenkbe3402d ago

I think they would instead allow owners of UMD games to download their already purchased titles for free on the Playstation store by entering in the ISBN code or another unique code.

xabmol3401d ago

PSP CFW <---Google this. You will understand. 0.<

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ForROME3402d ago

Well If they dont go 299 I think Ill pick up a 360 Jasper and just stop waiting for the PD. No Biggie life moves on.

Ju3402d ago

You do realize, this is about the PSP, don't you ?

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