Say Goodbye To FileFront

Kotaku writes: "A popular online destination for the latest computer game demos, patches, and mods, FileFront has announced that come March 30th it will be no more.

Visitors to FileFront today are being directed to a farewell message, explaining that the current economic environment has forced the website to close its doors indefinitely. Members of the site are cautioned to save any blog posts or stored files before Monday, March 30th, or risk losing them forever."

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Bnet3433220d ago

Ahh good ole' Filefront. They had nice download speeds and better than Fileplanet because of no waiting. :) RIP Filefront.

Proxy3220d ago

They need to get in on some of that free XBox Live bandwidth.

Mindboggle3220d ago

Blame the pirates who upload pirated files to it....

FragMnTagM3220d ago

It is not because of pirates. It is because they can't afford to run the site.

Snoozer2823220d ago

Ziff Davis must be in real trouble now.

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The story is too old to be commented.