Why the PS3 needs a Price Cut and How they Should do it

Let's face it. Sony has screwed up over the last two years. Their marketing campaigns have been almost non-existent since the PS3's launch in November of 2006, and the sales have taken a hit because of it. As a result of this vacation the Sony marketing department has taken the general perception of the system is the one that has been created by Microsoft. "Too expensive", "it has no games", "there's no one using the PlayStation Network." I'm sure you've heard them all before. They're all "reasons" why the PS3 is in last place in the "console war." Well, one of them is true, and it's fairly obvious which one it is.

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DavidMacDougall3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

They know what their doing they've been winning console wars before your site was around

@resistance100 - Very true and it will be coming but what is the point of this article, Sony ain't listening to them lol

resistance1003559d ago

True, however there will always be people who want a price cut.

fishd3559d ago

ah,sales,sales, day we learn to be concerned about games not day...

resistance1003559d ago


And on that day, Nintendo will give the Hardcore want they want, Microsoft will make Live free and Sony will announce a FFVII remake!

Lifendz3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Bubbles up. That sounds like a line out of a Sony diss track directed at all its haters.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3559d ago

What happened in Japan, Europe and the rest of the world? Just curious. If the monthly difference is less than 50,000, then Sony can still hold a bit longer. If the difference is more than the difference in America, then the PS3 could be in trouble.

I hope Sony can lower its production costs soon enough.

chaosatom3559d ago

it will need another one, and these guys would publish this same article again and again.

Seraphim3559d ago

"Their marketing campaigns have been almost non-existent since the PS3's launch in November of 2006, and the sales have taken a hit because of it."

that right there discredits any attempt they were trying to make. At least it does in my book. Price, price, price, price has a majority to do with the lackluster sales. Just like how the PSP crawled out the gate and continued to do so for years. It was more than the average consumer was willing to pay. Advertising has very little if anything to do with it. Seriously, any potential consumer knows there's a PS3 out there waiting to be bought...

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Zeus Lee3559d ago

1.Fire some more people.

2.Cut the price by $100.


ape0073559d ago

it's really shame that ps3's bluray and tech cost sony a lot while devs develop their games on 360 first

did you ever wondered what the hell all this empty space doing on gta 4 bluray?

assasin's creed?

etc... and worse yet,bad ports

Max Power3559d ago

why don't we see more of the "why/how Sony needs to cut the price of the ps3". I mean there are only 10 or so in the past couple of days, no where near the number that will make it useful.

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