USA Today: Killzone 2 aims to become PlayStation 3's big hit

USA Today writes: "Looks like the PlayStation 3 has another first-person hit on its hands with Killzone 2, out Feb. 27.

Following on last fall's Resistance 2, this sci-fi shooter sequel takes place two years after the events in the original 2004 PlayStation 2 game and the subsequent 2006 PlayStation Portable game Killzone: Liberation."

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meepmoopmeep3578d ago

i always knew GG & Sony would redeem the KZ franchise



Lifendz3578d ago

but even I had to think the game would not look as good as it does. That target render was amazing when it was shown in 2005. I literally waited to get a PS3 and did not pick up a 360 because of the game. Now that's coming out in a mere 4 days and is set to make 360 fanboys green with envy (pun intended) it's a good time to be a PS3 owner. MS may have to drop 360 down to 99.99 once GOW III is out and the PS3 goes down to 299.99.