What Makes Mii Tick - Why is the Wii so Popular? (at CheatCC)

CheatCC says: "Bethesda's Todd Howard (Fallout 3) recently made gaming headlines for a comment he made regarding the Wii console. He compared the system to a Teddy Ruxpin teddy bear, explaining that Wii has a "toy value," whereas Xbox 360 and PS3 are better suited for "big entertainment." Regardless of where you come out on that argument, Wii is still marching on as this generation's console leader. But, why is it such a mainstream hit? How is the system affecting hardcore gamers? And what's in store for Wii owners looking for a deeper gaming experience?"

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TheMART3561d ago

Nintendo doesn't associate with gamers anymore. They sell to those people that before didn't buy a console. Those people don't search a real gaming experience, the Wii is a replacement for other entertainment like going out bowling in reality but now at home, playing board games on tables with the family while they're now swinging tennis or playing Rayman Raving Rabbits.

Thats the target group nowadays. Wii software will be 1st party Nintendo stuff and a lot of rubbish shovelware. Nothing more. Only buy a Wii if you're a Mario or Zelda fan, otherwise leave it in the shosp and do yourself a favour. Buy a 360 or even a PS3 is a better choice...

Gr813561d ago

Because it offers a unique gaming experience that feels fresh. It can be used as a social console in the vein of board games, or help people re-hab from minor injuries..or cause them depending on the user.

But most importantly it provides a new way to play games and makes them accessible to anyone rather than the few.