Geek Hands-On: The Godfather II

Geek: "For many people, The Godfather is remembered as one of the best movies of all time. While I skipped the first game, I can tell you that fans of the movie franchise and video gamers alike will have lots of fun with EA's Godfather II.

The backstory is simple: On the eve of the Cuban Revolution there is a major mob meet-up in Havana. The Don of your family is killed and when Michael Corleone comes under investigation by the Senate Committee on Organized Crime you are asked to take command of the operations in New York and also to expand into Miami. Players will enter an extremely vast world with locations in New York, Cuba, and other major cities ripe for the taking in the name of the family.

Money is king in the Godfather II, and the more of it you get your hands on the better your potential is to get something done. It's what you'll need to build up your family; this requires hiring the henchmen, training them, buying weapons and more. They all have different specialties too–like the arsonist, medic, demolitions expert. and safecracker."

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