Project Offset is still alive

Gamezine: It's been a year since team behind Project Offset were bought by the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer, Intel. Thankfully, the game is now in full production.

The demos of Project Offset both impressed in their technology and their fantasy setting, but according to the game's Executive Producer Mark Subotnick, that's all they were; tech demos.

Now the team has been at Intel for a whole year, resulting in a move of address, they now have the money and resources to begin full production on the game.

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Helghast Slayer3392d ago

Hmm this has been lack in the news department for a while now. So is this multiplat or what?

techie3392d ago

Who provide chips for PC's, XBox 360 and PS3 :D So could be :P

TheMART3392d ago

As far as I've seen the news about it PC & 360.

techie3392d ago

No confirmation of platform yet. Everything before was a tech demo produced on PC's. Platforms are unconfirmed :)

cryymoar3392d ago

i've been wondering about this game since i first saw it back in like 2005! then it disappeared :( looks really cool

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panasonic233392d ago

lol this game only pc and 360 where he get it coming to ps3 from.

Foxgod3392d ago

thats false, his mom doesnt own a ps3.
He must have gotten it from you, your full of yourself.

Fishy Fingers3392d ago

It was PC/360 prior to Intel buying them up, since then nothing has been mentioned/confirmed that I know of. As of now the on guaranteed platform can be the PC. I wouldnt be surprised if it stays as only PC (for now) and Intel use it as a show piece for their up coming Larrabee chip.

Foxgod3392d ago

The larrabee....
It will allow smaller laptops that drain less energy, cause you wont need a seperate video card anymore for 3d rendering.

Oh, and it will be good for media players too.

I can guarantee you that any decent intel/amd processor + seperate video card turns the Larrabee into road kill.

Fishy Fingers3392d ago

I actually tend to agree, although Intel continue to push forward with the concept, I don't see them doing this unless it shows promise and lets be honest Intel are a little more qualitifed than you or I.

Guess we'll hear about platforms soon enough, usually when one piece of news is released, more is soon to come.

Foxgod3392d ago

Yeah, wel see.
Personally i want as less hardware in a computer as possible.
I am hoping the day will come soon that RAM will be obsolete cause it will be replaced by SSD drives.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3392d ago

This game has only been confirmed for the PC (Windows) and 360, so untill it's said otherwise those are the only platforms. You can always type up rumors like you do with L4D, Mass Effect, Gears and Halo going PS3.

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BlackIceJoe3392d ago

Great news I was wondering what happened to Project Offset. I can't wait to see what it looks like now.

DeadlyFire3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Actually it was never announced to be on the X360 or any console. They were hiring people to work on a console version at one time, but after they got bought things might have changed. Original developer intended it to be spread far and wide though on all platforms. PC always being the core platform of it though. Intel will likely release it in 2009 or wait for 2010 and utilize DirectX 11 and their own graphics card lineup. Only they know right now and its likely they won't tell until E3 or another big event maybe at the GDC in March. I personally am still a little surprised that Intel has interest in acquiring a game developer for its own use. Perhaps they have a plan of their own though. Either way PC exclusive is the way I prefer a game like this.

Why dis3391d ago

This is where the assumption came from, they have removed the JOB tab on their old site so this is the only thing I was willing to dig up.

Fishy Fingers3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Good news, in a way, didnt realise the previous media was nothing but tech demos, I imagine the game is still at least a few years away then. Wonder what platforms Intel have in mind, I guess the only one you can currently guarantee is the PC.

TheIneffableBob3391d ago

Yep, it's pretty much a guaranteed PC-exclusive.

It'll be designed to help show off their Larrabee graphics chip.

Foxgod3392d ago

Nice, this is one game you shouldnt lose track of.
Thankfully i have a pc that will play the newest games for years to come.

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