Younger Half of Father-son Spy Duo Smuggled Russian $$$ in PlayStation Case

It's bad enough that rogue CIA agent Harold Nicholson (left) sold out his country for money. But it's simply unconscionable that Nicholson dragged his son into his traitorous world.

From his jail cell, the elder Nicholson allegedly recruited his son to make contact with his former Russian handlers:

Prosecutors said Nathan Nicholson, a former Army paratrooper, had returned from his visits with the Russians with at least $35,000 in cash, some of it in a PlayStation video game case.

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vitz33576d ago

Looks like a bearded Matthew Broderick.

Mindboggle3576d ago

Proves the PS3 isnt just a gaming machine. Its also a convineint place to hide illegal goods aswell as cash.