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Adaptor to allow use of PS3 controller on Xbox 360

Maxconsole reports: "XCMLive has just informed us of a new product that should be available towards the end of February. The cross fire converter is an adaptor which will allow you to use a PS3 controller on the Xbox 360, more functions will be announced at a later date."

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redsymphony3489d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
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MAR-TYR-DOM3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I highly advise none of you to purchase this product simply due to quality concerns. I purchased the XCM adapter to use Xbox360 controller on PS3 and it worked fine for the first few days then it stopped working. Very poor quality. I contacted them and i've had no response. If you have extra cash flying around, its not a bad purchase if your prepared for the limited time of use. - where i bought it.

drewdrakes3489d ago

That and why would i want to anyway? I prefer the 360 controller. Good for people that like the PS3 pad better though. Control both consoles with one game pad.

crimsonfox3489d ago

it is allot better for fighters...allot better the 360 d pad is pathetic

MiloGarret3489d ago

Yes it is you're right, but other than that the 360 controller is better (IMO) in every other aspect. Can anyone recommend an adapter that allows me to use the 360 controller on my ps3? If there is one...

I'm really looking forward to KZ2 but I detest the ps3 controller for anything but fighting games and dmc, the ability to play KZ2 with my fav controller would be great.

Sarcasm3489d ago

I prefer the PS3's controller. D-pad and smaller dead zone. Although I love the 360's triggers.

CommonSense3489d ago

would anyone want to use a ps3 controller when they don't have to?

let me use the 360 controller on my ps3!

thats_just_prime3488d ago

why would anyone want to use a ps3 controller on the 360 now if it was the other way around that be something

TheRealSpy3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

the guy above you...the guy who left a comment 4 hours before you...said exactly what you said.

reading is hard.

i agree with everyone pretty much though. the 360 controller is much much better. but the dpad is awful. games the require one make the 360 controller feel cheap.

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byeGollum3489d ago

i wish i could play gears with the dualshock, but i dont mind the 360 controller

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Rice3489d ago

I hate the ps3 controller, its better if you buy the adapter for the ps2 controller, and use that. My original sixaxis is useless, and my dualshock 3's analogs are crapping out.

Roleplayer3489d ago

360 controller is better than PS3's - they should make it the other way round

duplissi3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

hey its a matter of opinion and preference. often times it is simply because one is more used to using one controller over the other, damn dont think that because YOU think that the xbox controller is better that it is.

i in fact prefer the ps3 controller, for one when i play cod on xbox im hitting the bumpers on accident, and i hate the d pad, and i dont like how the face buttons and left analog stick are higher up than the dualshock. also the analog sticks feel stiff and limited compared to the dualshocks, although the indent is rather nice.

but you know why that is?.

damn i hate it when someone thinks their oppinion is fact.

Kleptic3489d ago

yeah...its entirely subjective...this was posted on this site just a few months ago...and 360 owners just blatantly ignored it, and went on saying how better the 360 controller is...

the PS3 has BETTER dead zones than the 360...and some of us DO prefer a symmetrical stick layout...I never liked the offset setup of the Xbox 1...or 360...

and not to mention the d-pad on the 360 is little more than a bad joke...

believe me...when SFIV releases... a lot of 360 owners, not wanting to go all out for a decent fight stick, may want this the PS3 controller has a far superior D-pad...and the 360 might as well not even have one...factor in that the 360 console can actually charge a PS3 controller (and can't charge a 360 controller...that is simply too funny)...and your 'the 360 controller is better' doesn't hold much weight with anyone that spends much time with either...

PirateThom3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

That link is bunk.

Who seriously uses the shoulder buttons for accelerating and breaking? It's an awkward layout. Mapping to the face buttons is the best way to go, for any racer, in lieu of a wheel. That's the first thing I did with Forza 2, fix the damn default button layout.

Brake + Handbrake

The PS3 has analogue face buttons while the 360 does not. Shoulder buttons in GT5P are used for looking around the interior of the car and bringing up the tuning options.

Kleptic3488d ago everything but Wipeout HD...i prefer R2 for motorstorm and burnout paradise...and have a face button for boost...

won't comment on GT5P or whenever GT5 those games get a G25 wheel...and never a controller...for me at least...

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