EU Blog: PSP 2 Our Predictions

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"With E3 and GDC coming up this year there is a very good chance that a PSP 2 will be annonced, but what can Sony do this time around to revive the PSP as a strong brand?"

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MrJack3407d ago

Would love a touchscreen PSP, may actually fork the money out for it, as long as it has graphics power greater than the PS2.

ThanatosDMC3407d ago

But i dont want booger marks on my beautiful PSP2 screen or oil marks for that matter...

whoelse3406d ago

PSP 2 with a touch screen, Bluetooth and a 500Mhz processor, $199.

xlx-russ_923407d ago

they need to make it unhackable. and allow apps just like apple.

fossilfern3407d ago

no touch screen fs give us a nice big OLED screen high res and lots of features and dual analog sticks

DJ3407d ago

Just keep the D-pad and game buttons. It needs to be as light and thin as the PSP-3000 series, and that's not going to happen with the inclusion of true analog sticks.

In fact, the Nintendo DS works just fine without an analog stick. A full-fledged touch screen would be great though, as well as a higher resolution screen. Maybe 800x400 resolution. Internal flash memory (128 GB) would bode well.

It'd be nice if the PSP 2 had a slot-loading drive like the PS3, and if the UMDs used for games used the special coating used to make Blu-ray discs scratch/smudge resistant. Say what you will about the UMD format, but it's cheap and allows for quick distribution of game titles. But having the option to simply purchase all your games online, store them on your PC, and run them on your PSP 2 without worrying about carrying hard copies with you is definitely an enticing idea.

A PSP2 with absolutely no disc drive would be pretty revolutionary, and give it a big advantage over the Nintendo DS in that respect.


i agree with you.


id wnt to download the games straight to my ps3, then through remote connect upload them to my psp2.

i hope the psp2 is also a phone, that way it has a reason to have a dynamic network connection.....but then theres the little isue about battery life.

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