Family Gaming 2009: Sony's Scott Steinberg

What They Play writes:

"We wanted to know what each of the major video game platform holders' attitudes were to the whole idea of "family" video games. While we frequently hear about the importance of "mom power" and the growth of the kids and family game space, we wanted to see if we could find out just how important the space is to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. To find out, we sent the exact same batch of questions on the subject to senior representatives of each company to see how they wanted to position their strategies. The responses, while clearly filtered through each company's respective PR and marketing departments, afford us the opportunity to read between the lines a little, look at what products each company thinks is important, and judge whether these guys are serious about this stuff, or just saying they are."

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PS3ROCKS3492d ago

lied he said Resistance 2 would be a 50gig game.