Sega: No plans for Yakuza 3 Western release

Sega has told videogaming247 that there are still no plans to bring Japanese open-worlder, Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3) to the West.

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die_fiend3609d ago

What a bunch of d!cks. It's just like with Shenmue, SEGA seem to think that their japanese style isn't wanted here. How wrong they are. What is it with the Japanese and thinking that they've gotta change or give Westerners completely different games. We LIKE the Japanese style! This game looks so good that I'm amazed it's made by the numbskulls that are SEGA. I would consider buying a PS3 just for this, it looks like my sort of game. But alas, SEGA wanna keep it only for the Japanese, cos obviously ONLY the Japanese would like it (clearly not)

ifhd3609d ago

I’m going to learn Japanese or live there.

kazuma3609d ago


locos853609d ago

Just because they have no plans doesn't mean that they won't do it. They will just like the previous Yakuzas

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