Virtua Fighter 5 Interview

This week, Sega brings the latest game in their long running and acclaimed Virtua Fighter series to the Playstation 3. FiringSquad got Sega to answer some questions about Virtua Fighter 5 which is also slated to be released later this summer for the Xbox 360:

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BIadestarX4290d ago

"FiringSquad: Recently an Xbox 360 version was announced. Can you tell us about any differences at this time between the PS3 and Xbox 360 version, including if the Xbox 360 version will have online multiplayer?

Sega: We don’t have any information about Xbox at this time. Stay tuned. We’ll definitely let you know when we do have any announcements! "

Can this be the main reason why the PS3 version was released first and not at the same time? Why is Sega not giving more details about the 360 versions? For instance, "including if the Xbox 360 version will have online multiplayer?". Can wait for this game to compared head to head with the XBox 360 version.