Virtua Fighter 5 PS3 vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

It was quite a surprise to see Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown silently released for PS4. For those of you who does not know that, the game has been hidden within Yakuza 6 nd cn be accessed in one of Arcades you might visit as Kazuma. So having a chance to play upgraded version let’s compare this PS4 Pro port with PS3 original.
As you’ll surely notice, it seems that only lightning and resolution has been improved. But hey, we’re dealing here with really awesome in game easter egg,

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Critic4l_Strik3256d ago

PS3 60fps or what?? Looks smoother than PS4

cyckiewicz256d ago

i suppose they're practiclly the same.
Lack of smoothness ocurred due to source video of PS4 version. I just didn't found better one to this comparison.

solideagle256d ago

I thought this was Segas most famous game not sure why are they not making it

LgbtWarrior256d ago

Best fighting game ever, the most hardcore, technical and balanced. Not for the weak.


I have been saying this for years. I play VF at a high level and it is like playing chess when you have two high level players fighting each other. Hands down the most technical fighter out there and imo the BEST fighter.

boing1256d ago

I was playing VF at high level too and now I play Tekken at high level. I recently tried to get back to VF again and Tekken takes the cake IMO. I would love standalone VF remake for current gen though. Hopefully SEGA will come to its senses and do something about it.

jwillj2k4256d ago

Soul calibur 1 is the best fighting game ever. I'd do damage to anyone with Hwang even till this day.

PhoenixUp256d ago

How do you even go about silently releasing games anymore

CobraKai256d ago

Did they fix the sound? It wasn't as good as the original VF5

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