Sonic and the Black Knight Features Multiplayer Deathmatch Mode, and More Info

Will Sonic ever go away? No, probably not, as long as he keeps making SEGA money, much to Sonic Team's own chagrin. With that in mind, we can simply hope for the best as further information about the upcoming Wii-exclusive title, Sonic and the Black Knight, comes to light.

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infamous_273600d ago

The deathmatch mode would be awesome if it was a huge open areas which you would have to dash at your enemies at top speed a slice them.
However Sega will probably make it close range with no speed...

ThatArtGuy3600d ago

Sonic is such a good character, but has developers that absolutely despise him. Sonic deserves a passionate team to give him the respect that he deserves.

FinalomegaS3600d ago

maybe they are trying to revive the series and haven't found the right formula yet. Making a speedy 2D to 3D hasn't worked out yet for the best part. Lot of Sega & Sonic fans still live and I still love the sonic games, just don't like when you slow down, speed speed speed ftw