PS4 to be Released in 2012

Gameplayer Writes:
One thing about the PlayStation 3 is that it's a bit lifeless. Its user interface is cold, sterile and lacking in character. It's utilitarian and in many ways sucks much of the fun out of being a gamer. On top of this, Sony has been quite slow to implement features from its competitors that are, quite frankly, absolutely necessary if you wish to foster any kind of warmth or loyalty from your customers.

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Breakfast3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago ) assuming 2012 would be a safe bet. Maybe even 2010.

But anyways, ill be looking forward to my xbox 720, in the year 2015!


thebudgetgamer3450d ago

even if it did i looks amazing were the 360 was maxed out by a multi plat lol


Raoh3450d ago

i'm still waiting for the xbox 360 to get out of hardware beta testing.

Blademask3450d ago

The Budget Gamer gets 1 point.

CryofSilence3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

I still don't think Uncharted is maxing it out. Killzone only used 60% of the SPUs (Naughty Dog claims to use 100%), but that doesn't mean they used 60% of the PS3 power. There are other components involved.

thor3450d ago


This "maxing out the console" stuff is nonsense.

Of course the developers are going to push THEIR ENGINE until it can't handle any more objects on-screen. That's what happened with Red Faction. A game can quite easily use all the POWER of a console - but the algorithms and methods used might not be the most EFFICIENT ones. The 3D artists, animators and texture artists might not be as good as those in another studio. That's what's going to make the difference, that and time spent on polishing the game. This is part of the reason that MGS4 looked so good.

The dev from Red Faction was only boasting about how their game used all of the 360's RAM. Wahey. It doesn't mean graphics aren't going to get any better.

meepmoopmeep3450d ago

if that above controller (article image) doesn't come out for the PS4
that means Sony lied again.

i would love that controller.

HDgamer3450d ago

Breakfast I bet you wonder why you have two bubbles and opinions so oblivious to reality that medication couldn't cure ignorance.

Covenant3450d ago

Y'all need to stop taking Breakfast so seriously...I mean, 50 disagrees? He's just trying to add humor and break up a potential flame war.

Hence, the smiley.

Mozilla893450d ago

Sounds about right, I'd expect a new xbox in late 2011. I wonder if they're gonna rush for that head start again.

Obama3450d ago

Logic - 1
Breakfast - 0

Itrguy0013450d ago

i really do hope that u did give your account to someone else man u have gone down so far and fast in the eyes of many ppl

JOEdANGEL3450d ago

Who effin cares about maxing out anyway? The Xbox was better graphically than PS2 from day one yet the PS2 outsold it more than 5 to 1. Cripes look at Persona 4 just coming out. That game is obviously dated, yet people still like it.

What I'm trying to say is that the games themselves, not just the graphics is what sells a system.

Graphics Whore3450d ago

Nah, Breakfast knows what he's doing.

jammy_703450d ago

but they said killzone 2 was coming out in 2007....if you get me....

SL1M DADDY3450d ago

I'm using the LBP theme!

As for the article, it is simple silly to speculate and doing so is just proving once again that we have another site that muddies up the interwebs with silly fud and inconsistencies.

Saint Sony3449d ago

Multiplats maxin 360 out?... no wonder those multiplats do look 500% better in 360 than PS3.

Ryudo3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

This is possibly the best example of enraged nerds gone wild on the internet, Bravo!

And as for saying that multi plat maxing out the 360. Way to prove your own stupidity is all I can say. It used all the 360's RAM and guess what the PS3 and 360 have about the same amount r-tards.

3449d ago
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trancefreak3450d ago

next gen doesnt happen until sony says it does :)

Breakfast3450d ago

Nice job paying $600 for a last gen system.


thebudgetgamer3450d ago

and almost eveything about the 360 is last gen except horse power


trancefreak3450d ago

It was and my nvidia 8800gtx was $620 for the pc. Best purchases ever.

chanto233450d ago

Xbox 360.... DVD
.... no blu-tooth wireless
.... internet browser included...NOTTTT
.... built-in Wi-Fi...NEGATIVE
.... 2 AA batteries inside the controller...CHECK....
.... HDMI 1.3...hummm i don't think so
.... old school disk tray...YOU BET!!!!

i'm tired of pointing out guy guys keep it going...

Man_of_the_year3450d ago

8 million console lead over the PS3...Check

iNcRiMiNaTi3450d ago

last time i checked u just slap on motion controls to last gen hardware and you'd have trouble supplying stores trying to keep up with the demands and dominate this console generation

gametheory3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Nice job for paying a yearly fee for a service that doesn't work.


I pay for that AND for a "last gen" system that was 600. Everyone wins except me! =(

Man_of_the_year3449d ago

What a pathetic attempt at being whity. If you were going to make that comment you should have said "9,240,000 mil RROD" Check....because if the 33% failure rate is still accurate - then 33% of 28 mil would be 9,240,000. But leave it to a Droid to not come up with a whity response.

You = Fail

@ gametheory - i pay for XBL and it works fine for me. Love it. Much better then the "free" service i get with PSN. If the PSN was like XBL - i would pay for that too - but you get what you pay for.

3449d ago
Bloodwar3449d ago

used for 162 dollars. I have to install in this weekend once I get my new power supply. I just hope it works and I wasn't sent a broken one.

Scottama3449d ago

Except Mangina_of_the_year, you n0bhead, he was being witty as he was simply recycling figures YOU produced. Humour is quite often not quite based on reality.

But nice job pointing out that the RROD problem is a bigger one that we thought ;-)
Real slick there, Holmes!

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big shadow3450d ago

for some reason I get goosebumps every time I see that picture above.

Bathyj3450d ago

I know, its creepy ay?

Its like a DS3 with boils.

evilmonkey5013450d ago

its strange, yet desirable, kinda like a girl with 3 boobs...

Sibs3450d ago

And how exactly can one use a controller with so many buttons? Very carefully...

Panthers3450d ago

2012 is the apocalypse and we will all have radioactive radiation give us extra fingers...


The PS4 would be a fitting end to this world lol.

InMyOpinion3450d ago

PS5 to be released in 2020!

Xbox 1080 to be released in 2018!

Wii 4 to be released in 2032!

All of a sudden I feel like Hiphopgamer...

ToastyMcNibbles3450d ago

lmao you forgot to add question marks in there makes for a more compelling headline

chanto233450d ago

But that was some funny sh1t...

tda-danny3450d ago

I ripped on ya yesterday, but props for that sir!


ultimolu3450d ago


Have a bubble from me as well.

likedamaster3450d ago

"" lmao you forgot to add question marks in there jenzo ""


InMyOpinion3450d ago

Bubbles back to everyone!?

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