PS3 sales up 130 per cent during Xmas

Eurogamer writes: "A Sony Computer Entertainment America exec has said sales of PS3 were up by more than 130 per cent during the festive period.

He described 2008 as "a pivotal year for PlayStation" with "the best software line-up in the industry" on offer.

"Early internal data points to an increase of more than 130 per cent of PS3 hardware sales for the holiday season - since Black Friday - and we're also seeing a growth of nearly 40 per cent in total PS3 hardware sales for the calendar year," Jackson continued. "We remain confident this momentum will continue into the new year."

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pp3424d ago

Stop kidding your self Sony your sales are down not up 130 per cent. Sony will Bull sh*t anything to make the droids feel happy for the purchase of PS3 so sad.


Because Moneysoft don't talk out their ass with console sales do they?

InMyOpinion3424d ago

At least M$ sales are better than last year. $ony are down by 18% compared to last year and still have the guts to brag about numbers lol!

Kotaku_Succs3424d ago

even at 400-500$ PS3 sales are up 40% over last year

However x360 sales are down from last year . MS now reports FAKE shipped numbers

X360 sales have plummetted everywhere except USA

in 2009 it wont exist in the market anymore

Graphics Whore3424d ago

Haha this is my impression of Jenzo.

"Yhuk yhuk, I got 9 toes and 8 fingers, that sounds riiight!"

InMyOpinion3424d ago

This is my impression of all PS3 fanboys:

"Why rely on facts when you can make up your own numbers? The PS3 is in last place but in my mind it's in first place because I'm deluded and ignorant."

Man_of_the_year3424d ago

Can you provide a reliable source that claimes "MS now reports FAKE shipped numbers" if you can't i can understand since it does sound like you are AGAIN pulling BS out of your a$$.

A typical SDF practice.

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It was inevitable that everyone would want a ps3 for Christmas, just imagine if Sony do a price cut next year just in time for christmas. Sales would be up 1300% :D

Genesis53424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

At this price point the PS3 is at it is still competing in these tough times. I would like a price cut too. Though as long as the hardware growth is expanding it keeps the machine viable in the eyes of 3rd party publishers. We also know that these 3rd party publishers are make substantial profits from it.

Capt CHAOS3424d ago

Sales increase 100%+ for pretty much everything at xmas..

Lifendz3424d ago

that's the one barrier to everyone jumping in/on (no pun intended) the PS3 bandwagon. Good stuff for Sony.

SL1M DADDY3424d ago

The console that is priced twice as high as everybody else is still selling very well. They have averaged 10 million consoles sold per year and at a huge price point. Not shabby if you ask me.

evrfighter3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

"An imagine what the sales will look like when Sony drops the price."

except that this isn't "imagine news for"

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InMyOpinion3424d ago

130% compared to what?

"As the CNET article points out, PS3 sales were down by 18.8 per cent for November 2008 compared to the same month a year previously. Xbox 360 sales were up by 8.6 per cent, while the figure for Wii rose by 108 per cent."

"But Sony said this was an anomaly, blaming 'an abnormally strong month due to a price cut (with) the introduction of the 40GB PS3'."

So "Early internal data points to an increase of more than 130 per cent of PS3 hardware sales for the holiday season" translates into 18.8% less sales than last year?

Sounds more like early internal bs to me.

Btw, Wii up 108%? That's insane.

DaTruth3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

130% compared to the month before the holidays! I would have thought that was obvious.

InMyOpinion3424d ago

I guess it's awesome news then ;)

meepmoopmeep3424d ago

i liked your old avatar better

DaTruth3424d ago

It's probably just news; Every company should see better than usual sales for the holiday season. Given that they had the same price point, the strong competition from 360 price cut and the epidemic that is the Wii, they probably couldn't have hoped for better.

InMyOpinion3424d ago

I never liked you at all. j/k

You mean the IK+ one? Great game, wish they made an updated(celshaded?) XBL/PSN version of it.

meepmoopmeep3424d ago

lol, yeah that one.

would be cool if they brought those retro games for downloads

InMyOpinion3424d ago

I like your ICO avatar as well. Groundbreaking game, just like SOTC.

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ultimolu3424d ago

Not surprised. Sony talks in terms of growth, not numbers every five minutes like a *certain* company...

Sarcasm3424d ago

Actually company execs, C.E.O.s, etc. look at TRENDS when it comes to numbers. My boss doesn't give a damn about the specific numbers just as long as the trend is pointing the upper direction. It's only if the trend is going downwards, will there be production cuts or layoffs and things like that.

If people look at the bigger picture especially in the U.S. economy, everything is trending downwards hence the word (recession).

But Blind 360 fanboys will always sit and deny the fact that even in this rough economy. A $400 console like the PS3 is selling healthy despite other world issues.

Now I have to be cool like breakfast and put a smile at the end of my comment.


Death3424d ago

Since they came in last, they omit the sales of the competition. What would they say? We had a year to year growth of nearly 40% and came really close to beating the Xbox 360 for the year, but still came in last? Sony isn't being professional, they are simple in a unique position to not be able to make comparisons since they had the worst holiday of the three.


ultimolu3424d ago

Well nevertheless, PS3's are still selling, despite this economic climate.

That's nothing short of amazing.

karlostomy3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

not really, guys.

the ps3 will sell a certain number of consoles just because the ps2 was so successful.

It is called brand loyalty.

Thus, a certain proportion of ps3 sales were assured regardless of price and quality.
In other words, it was expected, by default. It is not amazing at all. In fact, it is rather predictable.

Further to this, consider the opposite, too.... a certain number of Sony fans will never buy a 360 purely because of this: despite obvious reasons to do so.

pippoppow3424d ago

Sure, there will always be brand recognition/loyalty to any platform but to not mention the solid 08 lineup as well as the known 09 lineup to be released as a major contributor to it's success this holiday season is omitting. Of course Blu-ray market penetration is also a factor as well as are it's feature set.

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mynd3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

That would put them around 800k, that's not bad, and about the same as last year.
Recession be damned.

Sarcasm3424d ago

True dat, recession be damned. I better not get an I.O.U instead of my tax refund.

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