Will the Wii fall to Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2009

Blorge writes:

"Regular readers will know I'm not a fan of the Wii. While the little Nintendo box has a few neat tricks up its sleeve I just can't look past the fact that it's a novelty, and all novelties eventually wear off. Could 2009 be the year this happens to the Wii, and will the PS3 and/or Xbox 360 be able to benefit from the change."

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Liquid Snake3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I don't think it will fall but it will slow down by alot.

The reason i'm not getting a Wii is because of these impending rumours of a Wii HD. Whats the point of me buying a Wii if Nintendo just release the Wii HD in 1-2 years?

I guess i will wait for the Wii HD to play Zelda and Mario Galaxy.

360 man3425d ago

no one will buy a wii HD

wii is selling to the casual market
the casual market dont care about graphics and high resolutions
they just care about fun
which they are getting with the wii right now, so will not need to upgrade

so if u want to buy a wii jus get 1 now

it really does bring the family together

BrotherNick3425d ago

It won't fall as long as people want to spend time with each other rather than being alone. :D

Sez 3425d ago

i agree.the casual market don't care for blu-ray or 1080p graphic. so to think they will fall behind sony or MS is wishful thinking. has the wii shown any sign of slowing down in sales? NO it hasn't. has the ps3 or the 360 outsold the wii? NO. so where are these guys getting the facts from. i have woman from my job. who has never played games in their lives. are recommending the wii.

The Lazy One3425d ago

But after the wii going so far ahead at a higher price point, it would be quite arrogant of me to not learn from the past.

I would definitely say it's a good possibility, but nowhere near certainty.

badz1493425d ago

wants any console to fail and out of the market is beyond me! the market is great the way it is and competitions can't have made gaming any better that it is now! there are consoles/handhelds for everybody and I think we should be happy and thankful for that! given that any one console that is better in doing something than the other not necessarily means that the other should give way and go out of the market, right? fanboy/girlisme aside and GAME ON!

Kushan3425d ago

I have absolutely no doubt that Nintendo has the successor to the Wii lined up and ready to go. I could even, logically, predict what you should expect - the same, but more. Same kind of market image, same kind of games, but better hardware and probably more scope for expansion (more peripherals, more storage as they finally embrace online stuff a bit better, etc.) but I can also tell you that Nintendo will have no plans to release it any time soon, instead you'll get something else, something inbetween.
Why? Because the Wii is still selling daft amounts. It's more expensive than a 360 (Even premium models can be found for less than a Wii here) but it's still outselling it. Sod whatever reasoning you might think that could represent, at the end of the day it's selling more than any other console - Nintendo has no reason to launch a new one. Once sales start slowing down a bit, you'll start to see new versions of the Wii appearing at the same price point. It'll be an Upgraded Wii, but it will still play Wii games and only Wii games. It might have better hardware, but it'll do little more than output that Wii game at a higher resolution with some nice AA applied to it and probably come with more storage space (Still flash based, but a few GB). That's it, that's your "Wii HD". And you only have to look at the Handheld market to see the same trend.

The handhelds, Nintendo's best market by far (Isn't the GB the most sold console ever or something?) and look at what they did. The GB became the GB pocket. The GBA became the GBA SP. The DS became the DS Lite and now we have the DSi - all of these have something in common, it's the same games, but the console has been "relaunched" as slightly different to boost sales and keep prices up (Instead of dropping the price of the console much, they launch a new one to keep profit margins up) without actually launching a new platform. Nintendo never did this with previous consoles because right after the SNES, they haven't been on top enough to Justify it, but now they're on top in the Console world, making shedloads of cash and want to stay that way.

That's your WiiHD.

ChickeyCantor3425d ago

@360 man

Kinda funny, people used to say people do care about gfx and that's the reason why Nintendo would never sell their Wii.

Nintendo can make it sell, they convinced that motion controls are great and all that is left is to say that GFX make the immersion complete.

Wii-2 will sell.
We all know it.

Ramtough3425d ago

Hell no! Because my grandma just bought one and I still cant convince her to upgrade her tv from the rabbit ears. Good thing she has a vcr so I could hook the damn thing up or it'd be no Wii sports for her.

To quote Mike Tyson with a few Wii-changes. "The Wii style is impetuous. The Wii defense is impregnable, and it's just ferocious. The Wii wants your heart. The Wii wants to eat your children."

ChickeyCantor3425d ago

You can't but Nintendo can.
Nintendo went into the masses with demo pods and convinced them that gaming can be fun. All they have to do now is show these people that gfx do add up.
They will go for it. Good market always convinces people to take the next step.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3424d ago

Wii has the casual market locked down, it's to late for MS, and way to late for Sony to ever catch Nintendo there. The best bet would be to get a small percentage to carry on to the next gen, which MS is slowly working on, Sony not so much. Nintendo has been working on the casual market for nearly 25yrs.

mint royale3424d ago

with comments like that its a shame to see videogame journalism for what it is - immature and dumb.

The people that still belive the wii is a fad are the same people that don't understand why it is selling so well. It is a consumer revolution and far from being a fad. Unless the definition of a fad has changed to a product that lasts 10 years.

N4360G3424d ago

Yes,and both the Wii and the Xbox 360 will fall to the PS3.

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BrotherNick3425d ago

Lol, why just have one console, and play certain types of games. Open your mind, there are great games on both sides of the spectrum. :)

MasFlowKiller3425d ago

Here is to hoping that the wii becomes a gateway for casual gamers to become hardcore gamers cause if not then the only people upgrading from a wii to a PS3 or 360 are the starving Hardcore.

interrergator3425d ago

idk thats hard to say counting on the wii with really good marketing so either sony or microsoft need to achieve impossible find the weakness to the wii sales

BrotherNick3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I think they just don't market people having fun enough, and focus too much on the realism of the consoles rather than the fun factor of playing those games.

interrergator3425d ago

either way its still sellin 30 or older ppl look at those games and theyre not into hardcore games nintendo knows where the money is and that is to drive ppl into buyin those casual games unless microsoft or sony find any way then wii has won this generation.

Shnazzyone3425d ago

My god the moronic stories spurred by that awful opinion blog from slapstick. Wii haters are everywhere on n4g now. Guess i should find more articles on how the ps3 is failing and how people are angry about RRODs then post it again and again from different sources.

Mahr3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

"Wii haters are everywhere on n4g now"

Actually, the current 'Wii is not hardcore' meme dates *at least* back to the most recent E3. As strange as it sounds, the volume of that kind of article is not quite as bad as it was around then.

mastiffchild3425d ago

Yet another(3 or 4 today I reckon)giving it to the Wii. Is this a gimmick, this Wii hate? Surely it won't last long. Jeeeeezuz! Why would anyone with a Wii drop it now? 2008 was the worst year uimaginable for the Wii on the games front. I like my Wii(as a second console to my PS3)and it has given me some great games but only five or so last year(NMH, SSBB, MKWii,BoomBlox, Okami off the top of my head-oh and Zack and Wiki)but 2009 looks miles better. I won't lit all thje great games coming for the little console but I can think of over ten that I'm very interested in already and that's in a year with , so far, no Mario or Zelda or new Metroid titles announced. In actual fact most of the games are from 3rd parties which until now has been the problem but not this year.
Last week we had to endure the "death of PS3" when it's sold as well as the 360 did in it's first two years and has more people online at the same stage in it's cycle. None of the three players are going far. Yes, the Wii sales must slow at some point but then many of the new gamers will want to keep playing videop games way past the novelty stage and need games that both they and us gamers will enjoy. Ninty knows this and third party devs do too and want to reach his big market which is whay we're getting better games this year.
Wrong time to get rid of a Wii, IMO. I don't get why people hate it so much either. If you don't likee it don't [play it but this year you'll miss out if you don't with some real class games on the little white box-some innovative games as well as a few old faves from Nintndo themselves.Honestly a good game is a good game whether it's on 360, PS3 or the Wii.