Killzone 2 Beta In Widescreen And Higher Quality

GameXtract writes "There are a whole lot of Killzone 2 videos on the Internet, but most of them are either shown through crappy quality or are from bigger sites like GT where the gamer playing the game just sucks. Now that Youtube has offered their new 16:9 widescreen addition, users are now able to upload videos that simply look just so much better. Today below we have a wide range of new videos off Youtube that show Killzone 2 in a higher quality format that we all love. Best part is that we have modified the videos to show in high quality in this blog along with the widescreen format so you don't need to leave the site at all! Videos after the jump!"

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Mr Fancy Pants3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Looks crap anyway. Not the game but the quality... edit: I don't know how somebody could disagree with me, you just need to watch the video to see that there's mosquito noise everywhere.

What is mosquito noise?

WANNA GET HIGH3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Im in the beta and i still think u need to play the game your self know how good it looks and plays.This videos dose not do the game justice.U will see the true graphics of the game when u play it your

chaosatom3493d ago

never start a sentence with "Looks crap anyway."

You're just hurting yourself. even though u were referring to video quality.

EastCoastSB3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

We know you're referencing the video, and not the game, but some people will just see your first few words and jump the gun.

On topic: I can't wait to see this game on my own TV. If this really is an old build, I can't image what the final product will look like in full HD on a 52" screen.

lociefer3493d ago

lol calm down u guyz , he was prob talkin about the video quality

3493d ago
MisfitSmurf3492d ago

Widescreen And High Quality= good
Widescreen And High Quality on Youtube=no point

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3493d ago

Then i got home yesterday from chicago and my psn pw was changed and i could no longer use the beta. Wonder if that has something to do with me trying to share it.

FantasyStar3493d ago

Looks like you just got scammed.

Omegasyde3492d ago

1 - Cancel Credit Card
2 - Run at a wall, three times, without stopping.
3 - Make new PSN account and DO NOT SHARE the login information.

sackboy says hi3493d ago

Yes it is, thats why i never share.

sackboy says hi3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

The game looks like a PS1 game on my 50inch HD samsung T.V :) /sacrasm

Fell the power of the cell 360 fan boys.If this game runs on the 360 i will eat my head..... ;-D

TheMART3493d ago

You can start eating dude.

Hardware specialists have said the 360 and the PS3 can do about the same. PS3 has a bit advantage on the CPU (but its like putting a fast motor in a Lada, if the frame doesn't support the speed... It won't go as fast as specs say it can) and the 360 has the GPU advantage.

So yes. Technically the 360 should be fine if the game was build for it.

DJ3493d ago

"If it was built for 360, it would look the same, if not better."

Yet there's not a single 360 title in development, or released, that even comes close to Killzone 2 and various exclusive titles like MGS4, Motorstorm 2, GT5: Prologue, LBP, Resistance 2, etc.

360 has significant disadvantages in almost every aspect of its hardware. I feel bad for ATI. They made a pretty good GPU, but we'll never see its full potential 'cause of the piss-poor 360 architecture. Come on, running a CPU on GPU Ram? How dumb is MS?

iHEARTboobs3493d ago

I always hear too that the 360 can do anything the PS3 can. Well, whether that's true or not the point should be that the 360 is supposed to be easier to develop for and yet they haven't produced a game that's as graphically impressive as KZ2 or Heavy Rain. Why is that? If the 360 is as powerful and easier to develop for than the PS3, then why don't the games look far superior? I've also heard that it's development costs that keep games on the 360 from looking as good as they can. MS has the money so what's the problem?

Omegasyde3492d ago

The beta "might" be able to run on the 360, but I doubt it because the cell processor runs a lot of the ambient effects i.e. Smoke, particles trajectory.

The levels are "reported" to be 2 gigs in space on the single player campaign.

karlostomy3492d ago

All those games you mentioned have been outshone by the 360!

Heavy Rain and KZ2? Not out yet.

I just keep hearing 'wait until...'

i waited for LBP
I waited for R2
i waited for Haze
i waited for every failed ps3 multiplat

I am sick of waiting. The ps3 hasnt shown me the goods.

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LinuxGuru3493d ago

I am getting so sick and tired of MP previews.

It's time for some single player previews! December is so close.... =)

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