5 Ways To Fix A Stuck Pixel On Your Screen

A dead or stuck pixel on an LCD screen or TFT can be incredibly annoying. You'll be staring at it for days on end, wondering for how long you'll be without your screen or maybe your entire laptop if you decided to turn it in for repair or replacement. All that grieve over something as unimportant, yet highly irritating as a malfunctioning pixel.

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vickers5003488d ago

I want something to fix the dead pixel on my psp.

SlyGuy3488d ago

on my lcd for my pc. None worked on that one stubborn stuck pixel.

Somehow I learned to live with the little fella. He sort of grew on me. I should name him.

SlyGuy3486d ago

Good idea...that way if another one pops up I can name him Ernie.

RussDeBuss3488d ago

my samsung syncmaster 223bw had a pixel stuck on blue in the top right corner, i tried all the software fixes and none worked.

then i tried the switch it on with your finger over the stuck pixel and it cleared, lasted for a week and came back, done it again and has now lasted for over 6months

Perjoss3488d ago

i have a samsung 226bw and it gets stuck pixels all the time, luckily they are easily removed my sliding my finger gently over them a few times, but when i saw the first one i was so depressed as I didint know they could be removed by yourself.

Kwertie3488d ago

I've got another way - stick with CRT. LCD is just a stopgap until SED or FED anyway.

BLuKhaos3488d ago

yuck what is this the stone ages?Do they even make those anymore?

Rourker3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

CRT screens can have a much better picture than any LCD screen on the market right now, and they are much less expensive. The refresh rate on CRT's is also much faster.

I'm not agreeing with Kwertie though, LCD's are not a stopgag.

Magic_The_Celt3488d ago

Wtf? dead pixels are on Plasma, or am i thinking of something else..

I_am_rushin3488d ago

You're thinking of burn-in.

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