Crackdown 3: Less Than it Was Meant to Be, but Still Stupid Fun - Variety

Crackdown 3 is the ‘Sharknado’ of video games.

That’s how creative director Joseph Staten describes the game that has been plagued by three delays over five years since its E3 2014 announcement. After playing three hours of multiplayer and campaign, “Crackdown 3” is fun, but it might not live up to the switch-your-brain-off enjoyment of the “Sharknado” six-movie series.

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ArchangelMike14d ago

"Less than it was supposed to be" is being disingenuous. It's a real shame that the gaming community has been fueled over the years by bullshots and hyperbole; the constant pixel counting for bragging rights has conditined the community to become hyper critical of games that come out. Gone are the days when it was simply the fun factor that mattered, more than the resolution or how many frames per second the game runs at.

Howerver I do think that developers need to stop showing pre-rendered trailers and "tech demo's" to sell a game. They should simply show raw gameplay footgate, and if the gameplay is not ready to be show - then franky don't show the game until it's ready. We wait 5 years and get nothing that was originally promised - it always ends in dissapointment.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod13d ago

It's look at sony whose games look as good as they reveal them with lots of in game gameplay (Often even better). Somehow Sony rarely gets credit for this. MS are pretty awful.

slate9113d ago

Lets not forget the white knight sony and their Killzone 2 trailer. Really can only say Nintendont do this.

yomfweeee13d ago

While Killzone 2 was downgraded... it was still one of the best looking games of that generation.

This game is terrible looking.

spicelicka13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I don't remember Halo 5 being downgraded, or Halo Wars 2, or Forza 7, or Forza Horizon. In fact I don't recall any other MS games that look worse than reveals. You're trying really hard to impose credit on Sony, really everyone here is already quite happy with Sony and its exclusives, don't see the need to turn that up to a cringey level.

TacoTaco13d ago

Halo 5 even had split screen in the beta. That is the king of feature downgrades, taken away because they wanted 60fps at all costs. Then there are the Halo 3 vs 5 Explosion comparison gifs which speak enough by themselves.

Lexreborn213d ago

@Slate91 Did you forget about the Zelda tech demo? Metroid Prime 4 early announce? Xenoblade Chronicles X? The Pokemon Stadium Wii differences? Nintendo are as guilty

13d ago
starchild13d ago

Well, to be fair I never saw most people acting like Crackdown 3 would have cutting edge visuals. In fact, the overall mood I noticed among most Xbox gamers was one of a bit of skepticism and tempered expectations. I'm not saying that I saw nobody looking forward to the game, but I don't remember seeing many, if any, people hyping it up as a killer app with cutting edge visuals.

rainslacker13d ago

The downgrade in CD3 was the cloud destruction. Although, they did show better graphics in the original tech demo used to promote cloud destruction. It is true that Xbox gamers weren't hyping it up to be an amazing looking game, but MS did talk up the cloud destruction, and showed cloud destruction, which was better than what they ended up showing in recent game play reveals.

Not all downgrades have to be graphical, because graphics actually have improved since other game play demos. But, when the biggest selling feature of the game is downgraded, and the media doesn't call them out on it, and MS fan boys act like it isn't there, or act like they never hyped up the cloud destruction, or linked that early tech demo as proof of the cloud power, it does make people question if people are more interested in holding companies accountable, or if they're just interested in the console war.

Ceaser985736113d ago

So Xbox fanboys are comparing last gen game downgrade with this gen game downgrade, though CD 3 was delayed for like 5 years now ... Anyways Pat yourselves guys...

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tontontam013d ago (Edited 13d ago )

XBOX FANBOYS: it's on gamepass so it is okay.

microsoft should just make mediocre games from now on, they don't have to waste tons of money to make aaa games as long as it is one gamepass xbox gamers are happy.

King_Noctis13d ago

Its not ok even if its on Gamepass. But most of us (the real fan that is) haven’t set our expectations high for this game either. The only people who make this game to be bigger than anything else is the fan from the other side, like yourself.

IRetrouk13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Sorry noctis but Ms fans really did use the cloud and this game to hype both up, plenty of articles on this, the game and the cloud was what was going to turn the tides at one point, all you have to do is look over the old articles to see this, fast forward to today and suddenly it was never a big deal?? Why? Because the original promise is gone? Because the reveloutionary mp mode is not as promised?? Both were made a big deal of and as usual nothing like what was promised, nothing wrong with people calling it out.

Rude-ro13d ago

Who made this a big deal?
Microsoft. With trying to hint that it could bring 4K gaming to the Xbox one.. a console that can not even display 4K.
The 12x Xbox One etc trying to give hope to potential buyers.
You are confusing people who called out Microsoft for this bs vs the false hype Microsoft used.

Baza13d ago

I think they are already starting to do this

Thundercat7713d ago

Gamepass has become a garbage bin.

tontontam013d ago

"But most of us (the real fan that is) haven’t set our expectations high for this game either."

That is really sad, you should switch to sony whenever an exclusive is announced we set our expectations really high.

Sirk7x13d ago

I think it's cool that it's coming to Game Pass. New games add value to the service. Am I incredibly excited for it? No, not really. I've definitely had my issues with MS the last couple years, but I am looking forward to where they're going to be in a couple more.

rainslacker13d ago (Edited 13d ago )


So, if I go through all the Xbox fan boys comment history on this site, I won't find them saying how cloud destruction is the future, or them linking that cloud destruction demo from way back when, or saying how cloud is the future, or talking about Drivatars, or talking about how cloud is amazing because of the AI on titanfall which couldn't be done without the cloud?

I have a feeling I probably could....particularly from a few individuals who are prone to such things.

I don't know how you felt about the game prior, but MS, and it's fans, have used this game as hype. Maybe the regular Xbox fans, who aren't fan boys fall into your narrative, but they weren't vocal in saying that this game wasn't going to amount to much, so that leaves the fan boys as the voice of the XBox community.

"The only people who make this game to be bigger than anything else is the fan from the other side"

Ah yes, blame the other side. Because Sony fans have spent years hyping up CD3 as something amazing. Not spending these years saying how the game wasn't going to live up to expectations.

I was with you in your comment, assuming maybe it was from a regular fans perspective. But this....really? CD3 and cloud destruction has been a hot topic on here for years. Do you really think it's just an out of the way topic that most didn't pay attention to? This makes the Xbox fan base sound desperate to not look foolish, and it makes just adds to the voice of erratic and increasingly delusional Xbox fan boy discourse that seems to grow with every passing of the moon in the sky.

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slate9113d ago

I agree with everything ArchangelMike. MS pretty much brought these reviews on themselves with their attempts at marketing a "revolution" in cloud gameplay. Since we aren't getting the initial promise from years ago, the reviews will reflect that. And it is deserved.

Ratchet7513d ago

Well said.
I will wait for it to come on Xboxpass to give it a go.

darthv7213d ago

I'm old school so FUN is the main reason for me to play a game. And this looks to just be fun in the simplest sense of the word. I enjoyed the first game and even some of the second but this one is said to be a return to form with even more destruction. It's right up my alley so I will view it objectively.

UnholyLight13d ago

@yomfrweeee A little hard to compare Killzone 2 and Crackdown 3. Crackdown has always been about avant garde style cell shading and was never about graphics. Killzone 2 and Killzone in general was always supposed to be a "Halo killer" and supply Sony with the best looking game possible. How can you possibly compare the two?

Pro can't!

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yomfweeee13d ago

Wait... they really compared it to Sharknado? Dear lord.

ArchangelMike13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I guess they're trying to manage expectations 😆

chris23513d ago

last time i checked that was what every othergeneric multiplayer shooter does. i wish them the best of luck with this mee–too product in a saturated market ;–)

Razzer13d ago

What is being shown now is nowhere even close to that pre-alpha in-game footage in the article.

mark_parch13d ago

character movement looks much better now. The transforming car looks amazing in the alpha footage though now it just changes instantly like a shit magic trick. This game really has been through development hell , still looks fun though

Lord_Belasco13d ago

If you don't own and Xbox please go to another thread. Had enough of trolls crapping on this game.

xX-oldboy-Xx13d ago

Does it hurt mate? Does it hurt? Guess who is next to crap on this game - xbox owners. And I hope they call out ms too.

Lord_Belasco13d ago

I don't go into threads about systems I don't own or have any interest in and dump on them. It makes no sense to me.

xX-oldboy-Xx13d ago

Lord_Belasco - Congrats mate, but look how many xbox owners do. PS threads are littered with them spouting the same unfounded rubbish.

Puddlegate, BC, Crossplay and trolling all Sony Single player exclusives, a few of the topics blown out of proportion by xbox owners.

But do you ever see a PS fan playing the martyr?

CD3 has been a joke since it was announced but xbox fans are believers in ms lies, they should be trashing this game like everyone else - now even the media are calling ms out.

MasterCornholio13d ago

Well you don’t need an Xbox to play this game.

salmonade13d ago

I own a perfectly capable PC. I'm trashing this mediocre shovelware looking gamepass reject. The game looks like trash.

starchild13d ago

Well, I own a PC and I feel no need to trash games that don't interest me. People on this site would have no idea what games I don't like (not that they would care anyway) because I mostly just ignore what I don't like. People that go out of their way to sh*t on games are generally doing it for fanboy reasons.

But, hey, why am I wasting your time, salmonade. I'm sure you have a negative Crackdown 3 user review for metacritic you need to be writing before you've even played it. What are you going to give it? A "1" or a "0"?

tontontam013d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I don't have an xbox but it concerns me when ms releases garbage like this, I'm worried that sony might get comfortable and just copy microsoft in releasing garbage games. If there is no competition the leading company might stop producing high quality games.

rainslacker13d ago

Topic of the article is about how the game doesn't live up to expectations. Care to comment on that?

Oh, and I own an Xbox, so do I have a right to be here and crap on this game?

Although, I crap more on the rather lackluster showing of the cloud destruction....part of the topic of the article. Game itself may be fine, and most reports do seem to say it's fun, if not kind of pedestrian.

NXFather13d ago

I am just happy you did ran from me when I asked you about the month of those phrophecies you were speaking about. ;)

NXFather13d ago

Also you were right this game sucks. So ovbiously I was wrong about it being a great game. I never took a side on the cloud however. I did make comments that showed that I thought it would be alot better than this garbage they have the guile to release. I was not joking about that month for those prophecies. Don't worry about it too much though since no one was brave enough to type May 2019 to me unless you know another month.

rainslacker12d ago

Not sure what you're referring to to be honest.

But, I have no problem with people who talk about things, or say why they're excited for something. I also have no problem with those who change their mind about something when presented with new evidence. There are some though that double down, and ignore what's plainly obvious, and do whatever possible to work it into what they want to posit.

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