Xbox Has Positioned Itself Brilliantly, Now It's All About The Execution

Microsoft are in a position that they have rarely found themselves in over the years, an advantageous position where they have the jump on Sony.

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corroios158d ago

Someone that isnt biased doesnt need to say it.

None of your points put Microsoft in Good position to beat Sony. Could help them improve, but jump Sony! Dude, You are out of touch with videogaming. Sony is breaking records right and left, setting the standard and Microsoft talks about shoots fired, laps taken and so on

GameRVW158d ago

Thanks for commenting! I do agree that Sony is currently miles ahead, but merely feel that the latest moves in this never ending game of chess by Xbox have been quite well played. Thanks again for reading the article.

Automatic79158d ago

Very good article. Pay no mind to the naysayers.

StormSnooper158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Microsoft is building toward a service future, I’m sure it’s great from a business perspective. I think the side that MS lacks in is the art side of games. They are very behind in games know-how, they may start any generation with a bang but I think most people are on to them regarding Xbox’s inability to compete during the course of the entire generation. (Something they have shown for 3 generations in a row now)

rainslacker158d ago

The problem for MS now is that the jump required is over a 10 foot fence. Sony is in a good position because they didn't need to work on setting up some major game plan to get a jump on anyone, they just did what they've been doing for a while. Sony didn't get the jump on the competition to get where they are, they built stairs to move ahead of the competition, and they just never stopped building.

Eonjay158d ago

Right. Xbox has never been in a position where it needed to prove itself because of all of the congratulations that are constantly poured over it. It is just expected that Xbox will magically jump to the absolute and that isn't realistic. Consumers made Sony king and only consumers can decide if the Xbox has what it takes to be more appealing than Playstation

mcstorm158d ago

I kind of agree with you but also disagree. Every gen is different and people forget Sony messed up big time last van and had to recover from it. Games like GT being out back then released half finished. Console costing £500 when it came out and lack of games to. Then move which was a flop. They had the psv to which was an amazing console but got no support and dropped by Sony. But when it came to the ps4 they made sure they had things right and both Sony and Nintendo messed up with the wiiu and xbox one. Now Sony is doing great but have made some mistakes this gen with psvr getting little to no support also people are seeing the ps4 pro as a pointless console as it was for vr but that's not getting support. Nintendo have corrected things with the switch which is selling very well and Microsoft has the x which gamers asked for as well as new services like game pass, backwoods compability. They also have new studies under there wing to make exclusives people are crying out for.

No I'm not saying Microsoft Sony or Nintendo will come out best next gen but looking at all 3 Sony are sliding a little at the moment and need to adjust to stop them from slipping at the start of next gen

rainslacker158d ago

Sony has made some mistakes, but none of them really revolve around PS4. PSV,they did support it, just people didn't give them credit for it, and they dropped support. PSVR is getting plenty of support, and its growing, not slowing down.

Sony has made sure they are doing right with PS4, and when next gen comes, that's what Sony has to live up to. On the flip side, MS has to go into it with the knowledge that they tried to screw over the gamers at the start of the gen, and didn't support their system well enough for the whole generation, nor deliver on a few of the promises they made to actually sell the system. MS may be talking a good game, but they still have a long ways to go, because by your own metrics, people are going to judge MS a lot harsher than they will Sony.

It's not that MS is doing the wrong things to set up the future, it's that they haven't done the right things to make the present good. They can't just say they're going to do well, and make all these promises that they're going to be great. They're in a position where they have to actually deliver on that greatness, because no one trusts them, and as it stands, no one is waiting around on them.

Rippcity157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

@rain How did MS try to screw over gamers? Because of all digital? Or always online? The promises of cloud computing were definitely over exaggerated but I would gladly welcome an all digital future. Also always online doesn't bother me as much as everyone else. I am practically always online now so I never got a bad impression from that. They actually had a pretty decent line up of games early on this gen but I'm definitely in agreement that they really should have more exclusives and diversity coming to their lineup of games. I don't agree they were trying to "screw anyone over". They definitely made some mistakes but they heard the fan feedback and back tracked hard.
That said they definitely have a great strategy for backwards compatibility. If they get their next console out with full BC and a decent list of first party exclusives they could easily get the jump on Sony. Sony has definitely delivered this gen with games but they have no clear direction for backwards compatibility and that could really hurt them in the transition to next gen. Now if Sony opens up cross play and MS actually delivers on getting some quality games into next gen we'll see some awesome stuff from both of em.

rainslacker157d ago


It seems you are already aware of what I'm referring to. Your preferences don't mean anything, and many people saw it as MS trying to screw over everyone. Changing the narrative, and using your own anecdotal desires about what you thought was good doesn't change that.

They did have a decent line up of games at launch, and that was about the only thing they had going for them. If they kept that up through the whole generation, they would be in a much better position now. As it is though, all they have is some more promises,after a generation of very little, and many broken promises on top of it. They did some good things since Spencer too over, but it isn't enough compared to the flood of high profile games that Sony has brought. People are going to remember Sony's games, while all they have to remember from MS is a bunch of promises, Game Pass, and BC. The former of the three is going to hurt them more than the latter two will help them.

BC isn't going to matter that much regardless of if it's available, or if it's not. But that being said, Cerny implied at the start of this gen, one benefit of x86 was that BC in the future would be easier. That likely means that Sony has a BC plan in place, and I'd imagine it won't revolve around an emulation solution like MS has now. Going forward, MS will probably have a real BC solution in place as that will likely be a wash for the next gen.

That being said, cross play is a non-issue. It's a console war talking point, but very few are going to base their console buying decision on if it's available or not. If Sony only retains cross-play with PC, then they will be pretty much on par with MS, because they only have it available on PC,and cross play with Switch isn't likely to be that much of a consideration. For cross play to really matter, all console makers would have to support it. One hold out, and things stay on an even level.

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Rude-ro158d ago

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I could not find a small clip, but the scene happens early in the clip for anyone interested.

NatFanBoyRestricted158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Please take a moment to state some of those records Sony has broken left and right?

corroios157d ago

Consoles sales in each market worldwide and new i.p, and old I.p.? It will take a long time.

We need to go back to the boom of videogaming with the PS2 to see numbers close to what the PS4 is doing in term of consoles sold and games sold.

_FantasmA_157d ago

As much as I love Sony, they did not support the Vita. That thing is trash compared to the gem that was the PSP. Vita had 2 big exclusives from Sony's own studios, Uncharted Golden Abyss and Killzone Mercenary. That's about it. Where was GTA? Metal Gear? God of War? Gran Turismo? Infamous? Ratchet and Clank? I go years without turning mine on and I didn't even have to pay for mine. PSP was and is still better and gets more use from me.

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SCW1982158d ago

And the execution has always been the biggest problem. Hoping for some great output outside of Halo Gears and Forza from the first party.

Sciurus_vulgaris158d ago

Microsoft has put themselves in position to build a stronger first-party lineup. A stronger first-party lineup should help the Xbox Division in the future, but this won't necessarily make them the top console. Both Nintendo and Sony are know for putting out strong first-party games.

GameRVW158d ago

Absolutely. There's still so much up in the air with Xbox, it could go either way. Of course Sony and Nintendo will do well going forward, it's up to Xbox to close the gap. They can't afford to wait for Sony or Nintendo to slip up. They're simply too experienced for that.

Sciurus_vulgaris158d ago

Xbox with 5 new studios, and huge amount of resources should have no excuses for having low first party output. In the next 2-3 years Xbox should be showing a number of new first party exclusives assuming their studios are well managed. Consistent high quality (75 + metacritic) exclusives are what MS needs to produce to improve their market share.

rainslacker157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

All these arguments being made about how ms is so well positioned for next gen.because of what they did or are doing this gen all.seemed to be based on the assumption that people are just waiting with baited breath for ms to finally deliver. They're assuming that people trust ms enough now to give them the benefit of the doubt to just "wait until -insert time frame here-"

Ms position tight now though is that they have to deliver and start building from that, not just helping that they can somehow get the competitors user Base because they release a new console and made some promises about maybe having something good to come.

Sony had a lot of good faith right now, and people recognize the support they're giving the ps4. That will mean a lot going into next gen, unless Sony really screws up the hardware and the reveal. Ms only really has their more dedicated fan base talking them up.

PhoenixUp158d ago

Microsoft could never hope to seriously compete with Sony in Asia, Europe, & the rest of the world. The only place they can even come close to competitive is in North America, and that’s territory is always up in the air in regards to which brand comes out on top.

darthv72158d ago

Well it is the single largest gaming territory in the world so... yeah.

There is a higher average of multi-console ownership in NA than the rest of the world too. We are very balanced when it comes to gaming. We play pretty much anything here.

Shineon157d ago

Yeah I always own multiple consoles every generation except this one,I went with ps4 pro since I have a gaming pc already

PhoenixUp158d ago

Are we forgetting how even though Xbox 360 came out on top in North America and actually ended up the second best selling console in that territory that it still ended up in last place globally within that generation?

Are we forgetting that because of that the best selling Xbox console still sold less than the worst selling PlayStation console?

Microsoft can’t seriously hope to really compete with Sony if Xbox can’t attain as strong a global presence as PlayStation.

darthv72158d ago

MS is like Sega, they don't have to "win" anything in order to achieve some level of respect from gamers and the industry. They just got to keep doing what works and course correct when things dont. by the time it took Sega to realize the things that needed correcting, it was to late so they bowed out. MS has realized it sooner rather than later so they have a better chance to keep things going through their 4th system unlike Sega with their 4th.

If Sony could weather the storm of a 3rd console not surpassing their previous and come back with a strong 4th then so can MS. They already have admitted they had a problem so the next step is fixing it. Just have a little optimism man... we can weather this together.

PhoenixUp158d ago

I’m not talking about whether Microsoft can sustain itself next gen, I’m responding to the author’s opinion of Xbox standing a stronger position than PlayStation even though it’s not as strong a global brand

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