Games That DO NOT Need Sequels

As lovers of video games here at our humble community, Culture of Gaming, we not only love new games. We can’t wait for sequels to those new games.

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Apocalypse Shadow47d ago

The Last of Us deserves a sequel as the world is still filled with interesting stories to tell that one game can't completely tell. And the interesting part of the story being based on real cordyceps fungus. Not just another zombie story or zombie game. That Naughty Dog magic.

Metal Gear could live on under the right leadership. Konami just doesn't have that leadership to do it. So they are instead, cashing in on the excellent work of Hideo Kojima and his team. Kojima is a gaming legend. Policenauts, Snatcher, Boktai to get kids ouside.(something Nintendo would do),Zone of the Enders. A Japanese guy with a Western Japanese style that is very knowledgeable about what's going on in the world. Glad Sony recognized his talents and picked him up.

Final Fantasy was never a series that was a direct sequel to the previous one. So, there could always be sequels. I'ts just that Square is so different after losing its lead creator, merged with Enix that changed their direction and have become lazy as they would rather keep milking the same universe than tell more stories. Even if using the same assets saves them money, FFXIII wore out its welcome. And multiplatform sure didn't help its quality. Make a great game first and put your best effort into it before porting it or spreading it around. I don't even think the Japanese take the day off for FF releases anymore because it has become ho hum.

naruga46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Last of Us indeed deserves a sequel ...but not the sequel Neil lame Druckmann prepares for us .....i just recently saw the hostile , militant almost fascist den team that gathered in ND and their tweets against the gamers that didnt like the obnoxiously "social" centered theme of the new game ......This guy is a plague for ND and by extension to Playstation over all

naruga46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

@Storm ...why not??

Skull52146d ago

Bioshock and Dead Space are two that should have stood on their own as truly great games and not been plagued by lackluster sequels.

xenz46d ago

I dont understand your hate towards Neil tbh. He has directed some of the greatest games ever made.
Did you like Uncharted 2? He was Co-lead game designer on that one.
Last of Us? Creative Director on that one. Litteraly one of the best games in the last few decades. What about Uncharted 4? That game was great, dont you think? I think so, and many others.

Other work he has done is Jak 3, Jak X, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Left Behind. It's VERY hard to find one game he has been involved in that wasn't shit.

Dark_Knightmare246d ago

Your hate for Neil druckmann is getting really old like we get it dude you hate him because he has different beliefs than you just move on

RememberThe35745d ago

They hate Neil because Neil likes "the gays."

Ragthorn45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Besides disagreeing with pretty much everything you have mentioned (there's a DLC), I DO think that a Last of Us sequel could have been definitely about another group of people. I feel like Naughty Dog covered all the bases really in the first game and the first game ended on a GREAT note - a proper ending to a story. To see them come back is cool, but also a bit sad because I wanted them to explore a different story and side to Last of Us. I have no doubt that they will cook something up great, but I just wanted to see a new cast and setting (still in the US of course) for them to really go deep into.

EDIT: Clarity.

StormSnooper44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

What do you mean “why not”? I’m asking you what your reasoning is, and you answer with “why not”? If you can’t give your reasons it’s probably a silly reason that you don’t want to put into words because it’s embarrassing.

That’s what I thought.

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The7Reaper46d ago

The Last of Us sequel should have been about Ish the dude who started the little colony in the sewers in the first game imo

DialgaMarine46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Why? We already know how that story went, and there likely wouldn’t be much to tell. Maybe a DLC.

The7Reaper45d ago


Even though we know the story it doesn't stop it from being interesting but like I said it was my opinion.

yeahright245d ago

Ish's story would have worked better as a prolouge or expansion.

PhoenixUp47d ago

“The sequel may also completely undermine character development and growth from the first game. An example includes Final Fantasy X’s sequel, X-2.”

FFX-2 didn’t undermine any character development. It explored how these characters would live in a world that no longer has to worry about Sin and therefore not as religiously dogmatic.

Godmars29047d ago

Only there was a Sin level threat immediately afterward. Major tonal shifts or no.

PhoenixUp46d ago

Yeah there was a threat but it wasn’t a recurring one like Sin

rivaldoo77747d ago

ND knows how to tell cliche zombie story or treasure hunting into a masterful story. That's why we love them. Story doesn't need to be new and innovative. It has to be simple but impactful. That's what differentiate ND from others. The last of us 2 defo is worth it !!!

BondJames46d ago

TLOU i was allways hoping for sequel but now i see better if there will be no part 2. Part 2 is sjw cancer.

Tobse46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Looks like someone hasnt played TLOU 1 DLC

Chaos_Order46d ago

So because Ellie is a lesbian the game is "SJW cancer."

Please leave your bigotry elsewhere.

jc1246d ago

@BondJames - I dont normally say these things, but your comment is really, really stupid and just flat out pointless.

Dark_Knightmare246d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Lol why because Ellie is gay oh no smh grow up. You do know if you’re a tlou fan that they had already hinted at Ellie being gay in the base game then even confirmed it in the left behind dlc

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AgeInTheCage46d ago

More jealousy induced propaganda from the xbots... You guys should be spamming pathological liar phils twitter and face book asking him why the 5 new studios have nothing to show on the BEAST!.

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