Valve’s ‘Anything Goes’ Policy is Terrible

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Right before E3 kicked into high gear Valve announced a new policy where they would no longer block content on the Steam store as long as it wasn’t “things that we decide are illegal, or straight up trolling.” This policy was in direct response to the company’s inconsistent track-record with attempting to police the storefront from content that was deemed in bad taste, was pornographic or just simply of extremely low quality. While some will view this policy as a victory for those who want a simple platform to publish their games to and for those titles to be as accessible as possible to everyone I do feel like Valve has a responsibility to protect its users and that this new policy goes directly against that."

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AKS176d ago

" I do feel like Valve has a responsibility to protect its users and that this new policy goes directly against that."

No, I have the responsibility to protect myself. There are user ratings for assessing quality. I don't need Steam or you to protect me or tell me what I should buy. I have zero interest in the weird, kinky stuff anyway, but I have even less interest in anyone else deciding to restrict what I can buy to "protect" me from making my own choices for myself.

"On top of that I 100% agree that the consumer has a right to decide what is, and isn’t appropriate for them..."

You can't pretend to have conflicting views. You're against "anything goes" and think Steam needs to "protect its users." That is not compatible with letting the consumer decide.

morganfell176d ago

Of course the writer's idea of moral police force on Steam would only work if those people enforced his vision of morality. And you are dead on the money. Too many people exist, even in gaming, that expect someone else to wipe their backsides so they can shed any sense of self responsibility. If you are at that low level of maturity, you do not need to be purchasing titles on Steam. Let your parents select one for you before they tuck you in and turn on your night light.

ExPresident175d ago

At AKS...

That was refreshing post. Thanks for that.

Teflon02175d ago

Common sense is rare on the internet. Be careful with such power

Princess_Pilfer174d ago

YEAH! It's not like tons of good games are buried in Steams overwhelming flood of garbage and it's not like the ratings system is heavily biased in favor of positive reviews because Steam has a vested interest in selling games regardless of quality and people who buy something are already invested in it and so more likely to rate it highly regardless of actual quality, and it's not like *every other store on the entire planet* has some form of curation so they can maintain the stores reputation as a place to go for high quality goods.

Oh wait.

Gh05t174d ago

Please post a link to 2000+ good games on steam that people cant find. Oh wait your exaggerating to prove a point arent you... Okay please post a link to just 100 games that are good but have less than 50,000 people who bought it. Oh wait you are just making stuff up arent you... Okay please post 10 games that are good but you honestly believe no one has ever heard of it. ...Oh wait good is subjective isnt it. Please stop pretending like good games arent visible on steam.

Casuals only go to steam to buy the known games they heard about, Non-casuals know how to find the games they like anyways. Even if they didnt then maybe start learning to use the filters, curators, and other options given by steam to make informed buying decisions.

*every other store on the entire planet*

Steam is not like every store on the planet. Steam does not own what they sell, Steam is essentially a consignment store with virtually unlimited space. Also if virtually every other store does this then how about you take your business to virtually every other store. Then you dont have to worry about it, and the rest of us can try to find some needles in the haystacks..

Princess_Pilfer173d ago

Yeah. I'm making things up. It's not like indie devs are fleeing to the switch from the Sony and Steam stores because their games aren't buried under a flood of garbage on those platforms but get visibility and sales on the switch.

Oh wait, I'm not making stuff up, and Steam and it's flood of asset flip garbage are so bad for indie games that they sell multimple times their lifetime Steam sales in a single week by moving off Steam.

Oh don't come at me with that "good is subjective" garbage. Some people think actual litteral shit tastes good. In actual reality there are going to be mixed opinions, but it is 100% possible to look at a games objective quality and not allow things that can't meet that standard on the store. I'm sure some people have a fucking blast with Skate Man Intense Rescue and/or Temper Tantrum, but there are hundreds of similar quality games released on Steam per day, and that's an absolute flood of low quality garbage by almost everyones standards that are dragging the interesting games (say, blossom tales) down with them.

Also, fuck off with that. I'm not a "core" gamer because I don't have magical powers of discernment to auto-sort out the 300+ garbage games per day to find the like 3 ones that are of actual quality? The curation tools are *woefully* under developed and the curators themselves are unknown quantities for the most part. Filters filter by genre, not quality. Ect. I *can* find out if I might enjoy a game. I *cannot* filter though 300 releases over a 2 day period to figure out which of the games are high enough quality to even be worth looking at, and then do detailed research on those specifically to see if they fit my tastes. And neither can anybody else.

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bluefox755175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

No, be an adult, decide what you want for yourself. If you have kids, then try some actual parenting. No need to curate for quality, because they already have a ratings system, so let's not pretend this has anything to do with quality. Boggles my mind when people call for censorship.

xRacer74x174d ago

Actual Parenting. Not sure that exists in todays world.

yarbie1000175d ago

The Thought Police's "Anything goes so long as we agree with it" is TERRIBLE

annoyedgamer175d ago

Went on reddit yesterday on a thread about article 13 and got PTSD by the massive support of speech police I saw on there. They justified their position by saying free speech is Nazi propaganda.

starchild174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

Yeah, it turns out such people aren't really in favor of freedom and tolerance as they claim to be. Instead they are really only tolerant of people who think like they do. And the only freedom they want for others is the freedom to act as they think you should act.

I think people should be free to live their lives as the choose so long as they aren't directly infringing on that same right in another person.

We don't need Steam to be policed and censored. No one's rights are being infringed upon. We can choose for ourselves what is worthwhile and what is not. Why should Steam arbitrarily decide for everyone--developers and gamers alike--what is worthwhile?

Cobra951175d ago

No doubt. If the trash doesn't get taken out, it festers and ruins your house. Trash can't help being what it is. I don't blame it. I don't judge it harshly, or feel guilty about discriminating against it. I just take it out.

bluefox755175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

The problem is, who gets to define what "trash" is? Many people would say that a game with "offensive" subject matter would fall under that umbrella, or female characters who don't happen to dress like nuns. Trash is an incredibly subjective word. So much so that there's a popular expression referencing this very point, "one man's trash...", etc.

jmc8888175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

Yep, and next thing you know, what he values will be seen as trash, and taken out. But by then it is too late to change anything. The structure of tyranny is set up and fully functioning. In society around the world, we're already close to this.

These people don't know what they are speaking of, they are only speaking of feelings... their feelings, and forgetting everyone else's. That in of itself is the worst type of person to police anything.

They don't even realize they are being manipulated. Conditioned to believe they are right and everyone else is wrong, and this tyranny will save righteousness.

You can see this person has no problem 'discriminating against it'. They feel two wrongs does equal a right. As long as the wrong is what they and other people deem it wrong. Mob mentality.

Some people are just oblivious to reality and delusional. The world is full of this right now. So delusional they think they are in the right. It's quite sad. It's also quite dangerous. We live in dangerous times.

agent4532174d ago

Shouldn't there be at least some regulation to protect indie game developers from copycats. Bring back steamgreenlight.

Barneyco174d ago

@jmc888 I couldn't have said it any better!

SegaGamer174d ago

I don't think people understand what you mean by your comment Cobra. I wonder if the people replying to you even use Steam all that much, if they did, they would probably understand where you are coming from.

We aren't saying we want things censored or anything like that, we just want the absolute crap that Steam is full of to no longer be accepted. By crap, i literally mean crap, there are games being accepted where you play as an ass that s**** bullets. There are games on Steam all about s***, there are tons of games on Steam that are broken and never fixed, there are games that aren't even games, you just load up the "game" to pop thousands of achievements or leave idle to gain cards. This is the kind of crap that we don't think should be accepted on Steam.

This does harm to Steam's reputation, a lot of people are seeing Steam as a platform to dump their badly made "games" on because they can make a quick cash. It also harms people that are looking to make an actual good game. They miss out on sales because their game gets lost amongst the crap.

It's not just effecting the number of quality games compared to the bad ones getting released on Steam, its effecting the weekly / special sales too. I have noticed that more of these awful games are filling up the sales space. More crap games are going on sale over genuinely good ones. Steam sales happen every Monday, if people want so see how much of these junk games go on sale compared to actual well made games that people passionately worked hard on, go check it out.

Would people like to see this on Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo consoles? Hell no, they want some quality control and i'm happy to see that it exists on those platforms. A lot of these pieces of crap that are getting released on Steam are worse than those games you can play for free on your browser.

whothedog174d ago

Is it really that hard to scroll past bad games? My front page does a pretty good job of showing me potentially good games, what are you doing?

Rachel_Alucard174d ago

What quality control are you talking about on consoles? Sony and Microsoft's platform is already filled with trash, just none of it is advertised on the front page. Just look at this quality control or this

While you're at Microsoft's store and Xbox next time, check out all the low effort mobile ports and indie shovelware there too. None of it is in your face, and neither is steams. I think many are over-exaggerating just how much exposure brings sales. Games with a low amount of effort put into them are just as capable of getting popular as hyped games, like Getting over it, and the many VNs.

Steam has been like this for years and the people crying for quality control are arguing against the idea of an open platform, from which the ideals of being a PC was founded upon. The stance Steam takes to this is one that requires users to do the work themselves, instead of letting others do it for them. Which is how it should be on the daily, it's just people are so conditioned to the store doing everything for them, that this opposite position is difficult for them to accept so they'll fight tooth and nail to keep things the same.

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