'Anthem is the game that I've been waiting to make my whole career,' says director

BioWare's Jonathan Warner, game director on Anthem, talks about the evolution of the studio and how things are "pretty upbeat right now"

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chrisx149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

anthem looks so unisinspired. mass effect 1 n 2 still biowares masterpieces

Prettygoodgamer149d ago

Yeah I don't get any hype for this at all, it just seems so generic now. I think I was too spoiled by detroit become human and god of war, the only games I am excited for now is the last of us 2 and ghosts of tsushima and maybe a littlle bit for Spider-Man. Then dreams but only because I want to see what crazy things people make in it like little big planet.

Hardiman149d ago

So this looks great? This is the definition of a corporate by the numbers sci-fi game but it looks great!

Hardiman149d ago

I agree, it just seems so soulless and generic. Being tied to EA doesn't help but I really could care less!

Nacho_Z149d ago

I don't get any sense whatsoever from what he says what it is about Anthem that makes it the game he always wanted to make. It's just corporate chat and I don't believe him.

Bobafret149d ago

Again I say, and I will lose my mind if someone doesn't see it, but the armor design is AWFUL. It's the Master Chief with horsey legs.

Hardiman149d ago

Looks like a mashup of Dark Sector and Destiny. I was looking at the cover of GI earlier and I was just taken aback by how generic the armor looks!

-Foxtrot149d ago

Yeah if this was before Destiny and the like fair enough but it dosent look anything special

Bobafret149d ago

You could have asked to help out with Destiny if you wanted to make a bland looter shooter. This game is wholly unappealing to me since I read about the gameplay.

3-4-5149d ago

Well can't stand Destiny any more and either can a lot of people, so this will initially win some of those former fans over as an alternative.

OffRoadKing149d ago

I think some of those people will come back to Destiny 2 in September.

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The story is too old to be commented.