God Of War: DUMB Yet Hilarious Glitches

God of War (PS4) is great, but even the best games have the occasional glitch. Here are the best ones you sent us!

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strayanalog87d ago

Definitely personal preference, but I didn't see anything particularly hilarious.

Jinger87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

What a glitch fest 4/10.

But in all seriousness the game was overall smooth besides a couple annoying glitches. One prevented me from going up a chain, forcing me to reload. And another where I recalled my axe and it got stuck on my wrist or something so I had my hand out for a while dodging attacks until it fixed itself.

gangsta_red87d ago

There was one for me in Witches cave where the button prompt didn't appear for the son to climb up a wall. Because of that I couldn't reach one of the areas that had a chest and a door to open.

ConsoleGamer87d ago

Haven't had a single noticable glitch but wouldn't mind some like these from time to time^^

rainslacker87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Only glitch I experienced was when I once died in Nephelheim due to the poison while I was climbing up one of the platforms. I think that since I was in mid climb when I died, it glitched out, and probably thought I was falling so I was unable to use a resurrection stone, and it wouldn't go to the screen to reload the last check point. Was easily solved by going to the menu and manually restarting the last check point, so it wasn't a big deal.

If there were other glitches, I didn't experience them, or they were so minor that they went unnoticed.

ILostMyMind87d ago

None of those happened to me. But funny.

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