Saints Row 2 Review at CheatCC

CheatCC says: "If this game was purely a shooter, it would fail miserably! The graphics are not pretty and the simplistic combat is even worse. Fortunately for the development and production team, the game does capture a sense of mayhem and carnage that will undoubtedly find favor with its intended audience. But if you're looking for a more cerebral or skillful challenge, you may have to look elsewhere. This game is little more than a lowbrow, yet humorous, thug-life simulator."

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ThatCanadianGuy3686d ago

Im gonna pick this up in a few hours.I need something to play till
LBP is out.

Forbidden_Darkness3686d ago

Pick up Socom, Dead Space,or Golden Axe instead, or just pick/ replay GTA4, this game aint that great.