Single Player VS. Multiplayer

From GoldenEye to Fortnite, from Zork to Horizon Zero Dawn, gamers have long had a vast selection of great single player and multiplayer options.

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Apocalypse Shadow286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

There's no competition between the two. Both can be equally fun.

It's when companies and executives say that one is not needed, valued or have the same impact currently or in the future and create services to devalue single player game's worth, that's when I have a problem.

Or when fans of multiplayer subjectively say single player games aren't worth but one play through when I can't remember how many times I've played a game multiple times from Mario, Mega man, ninja gaiden,castlevania,metal gear, etc to current games like Horizon. Or multiplayer games like SF,contra, streets of rage, gunstar heroes etc that I played again and again for both multiplayer and single player.

*Fun factor* creates replay ability. Not if it's multiplayer or single player or how long a game is or graphics.

But both are not in competition. There's no vs. They're both great. But maybe that's my subjective opinion.

Jaypi03286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

I agree. When companies say one (Singleplayer) is not needed they're basically saying the other (Multiplayer) makes them more money and they want to focus on that to milk the most amount of money.

When gamers themselves make such claims, they let themselves be brainwashed by companies into thinking they really have to choose a side, when really, you can enjoy grinding in a multiplayer game, then go to playing a single player game.

81BX286d ago

Well... they have the data. Single player has definitely had less focus than before.

P_Bomb284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Depends on the developer/publisher. Some vets only make SP games, some would tack on MP to a cereal box if there was a chance they could RNG some more bucks outta you. And where they can’t nickel-dime the multiplayer MGSurvive style, there’s always the option of SP season passes which have been going up in price.

Squeenix is still very much about SP, Konami wants that MP. Rockstar has a balance but is still SP first production wise to get ya in the door, MP for the ongoing revenue stream. WB came out with a fighter last year that caters to both as well. Depends which way the wind blows. Odds are there’s some kinda DLC wrapped up in everything though. somewhere.

P_Bomb284d ago

Actually, I don’t even think Konami wants the MP since it’s so poor in MGSurvive, they just want a quick easy buck. Pachinko style. Konami’s biggest hits otherwise before they pulled the plug on PT were SP games. Kojima took the SP ball with him to Death Stranding.

EA and Activision definitely want MP. The closure of Visceral and lack of quality in Mass Effect show their attention is elsewhere. Activision is at least dabbling in MMO PvE with Destiny. SP game you can tag team w friends while looting for better gear.

Others like Sega, Namco Bandai, Team Ninja (tecmo), CD Projekt Red, Altus, 2K, Platinum, Insomniac, Quantic Dream, From, Square are still very much single player centric.

Capcom tried the MP only route with SFV and hit a brick wall, critically and commercially. The new arcade edition seemingly rectifying it by compiling all the SP that was missing. Now there’s Monster Hunter.

81BX284d ago

I hear that. I prefer a good story over mp, but I get from a business stand point there is $ in it.

Fist4achin286d ago

Lame argument. To each their own.

Elda286d ago

I will always love sp games first & foremost, but I don't mind playing games like Destiny & Overwatch or other games that has online co-op play to play with other folks.Competitive mp gaming is just not for me.

TheOttomatic91285d ago

I personally prefer SP but both can co exist normally. Just don’t try to push something stupid like “SP gaming is dead” like Phil Spencer did and you won’t have any problems

Kribwalker284d ago

at no point did he say it was dead. He said it didn’t have the same impact as before. Which is true. What single player game has outsold PubG the last 5 years? Outsold GTA 5 (the multiplayer mode has carried that game to crazy heights) and others? the answer is none

P_Bomb284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Outsold PuBG on console? Many have. On PC idgaf. If Mario and Horizon were early accessed on PC they’d probably make a penny there too.

All told, this ongoing versus drama is lame. SP vs MP, linear vs open world, cinematic vs dudebro. There’s room for it all.

Kribwalker284d ago

I agree, there is room for all of them and i play all of them. But people keep trying to spin phil spencer saying SP doesn’t have the same impact it use to to him saying SP Doesn’t matter anymore. That’s not what he said. And the biggest selling games out right now prove that. The top sellers from this gen are COD, Battlefront, Battlefield the fifa series destiny and GTA 5. And they are all multiplayer centric games. GTA does have a big single player story but the new one is way more multiplayer centric. Hence the reason rockstar hasn’t released SP DLC but has had continuous online updates.

P_Bomb284d ago

Yeah there’s no way EA/Activision will ever ditch MP in those games. EA Sports is an institution. Financial suicide. Honestly if COD offered the MP just by itself at a cheaper price, that’s the one I’d buy for the ol’ ball and chain, and i’d wager so would others.

Rockstar will 110% have a big MP futureproof on Red Dead, same as last time. Doubly so in the shadow of GTA. If they ever do a Bully 2 or Manhunt 3 though, I could see those staying SP only.