Notebook: Super Talent Pico Flash Drive Review

Notebook: "In short, I can see why the Super Talent Pico USB flash drives receive a fair amount of praise in the forums. The Pico drives offer extremely small size and extremely high performance for an extremely reasonable price."


* All Super Talent Pico drives are reasonably fast
* Durable, capless design
* Amazingly compact design
* High capacities for relatively low cost


* Super Talent Pico-C is so small it's easy to lose
* All of the Super Talent Pico drives have tight USB plugs, making them difficult to insert or remove
* Slippery exterior on Pico-C and Pico-B make it hard to pull them out of USB ports
* Difficult to insert Pico-B into USB ports because the USB plug "slides" back into the protective body

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