Videogamer: Fable 2 Interview Part 3

Videogamer writes: "What a journey it's been. Two weeks ago we brought you the first part of the biggest and best interview with Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux on the internet, where he revealed his thoughts on the PS3, Fable II's dog and why Microsoft have set PR policemen on him. Last Friday we brought you the second part, where the PC gaming legend told us why Fable II's online co-op is only possible on Xbox LIVE, dished the dirt on the chances of a PC version and laid down the law on DRM. And here, in the third and final part of our extended chat with the brains behind Fable II, Molyneux answers readers' questions on one of the most anticipated RPGs of 2008. Big thanks to FantasyMeister and Bloodstorm! When your character finishes the main storyline in Fable II can you go back and complete side quests and explore with the same character?

Peter Molyneux: You definitely absolutely can. You can go out, you can complete all of the side quests in the game. You can continue to buy stuff which will unlock more side quests in the game. You can even buy the main castle in the game. Only then do you get access to the dungeons in the castle. If you buy certain houses in the game you've got access to the cellars and the sewers. I actually don't know of anyone that's totally completed Fable, and all the side quests."

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