Square Enix to Announce Release Dates of "Major" Games Between April & E3; Welcomes Nintendo Switch

Square Enix teases release dates announcements coming before E3 2018, welcomes the release of the Nintendo Switch and more.

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wonderfulmonkeyman388d ago

I don't ask for much, Squeenix.
Just get the Mana remake and Mana collection properly localized and released in the states on Switch, and anything else you do after that, I probably won't have any complaint about.
Though I'd be happy with a port of Kingdom Hearts 3, even if it comes out later, I'm not holding my breath...
But if you really want to catch me off-guard, announce a Chrono Trigger remake for Switch.

Or even more surprising, a port/remake of Terranigma.
Now THAT would blow my mind.

chrisx388d ago

Didn't play the original FF7. Hope a release date for the remake is announced

richierich388d ago

Best FF game ever made IMO

wonderfulmonkeyman388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

I know it was part of the story, but I can't get over the fact that there was no way of saving Aerith.
That one moment, whereas most people loved it for the drama, I hated it because it meant a character I had just begun to like was suddenly taken away...

I need to get out there and play the rest of the FF series at some point, or at the least watch their stories.
So far the closest I've come to playing a FF game all the way through, is when I played through both Bravely Default and Bravely Second.XD

Movefasta1993387d ago

Chill with the spoils wonder,the man said he hasn’t played it yet...the fuck?anyways ff9 all day

RpgSama387d ago


WTF DUDE!!! Chrisx just told us that he's never played FFVII and you just come out with the biggest spoiler in the game, what is wrong with you?!

OmnislashVer36387d ago


What's so hard to say it's got elements of a surveillance state, ultra militarism, megacorporations, ecology, and idealism? No need to spoil the game here at all. There's also the more anime-esque things like humor, the dark main character, style, and amazing music. It's an awesome blend of cultures, based on societal issues and great blend of realism and fantasy.

Ol_Boy387d ago

Everyone getting mad at wonderfulmonkeyman but in his defense the game was released 20 years ago. Spoilers are nearly impossible to avoid now.

Segata387d ago

That's VI and IX. 7 isn't even the best FF on its native platform.

FinalFantasyFanatic387d ago

I never got upset over her death because I thought she was going to come back at some point, she never bloody came back...

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ninsigma387d ago

Fantastic game. Worth playing the original too.

Pantz387d ago

You should play the original. The remake might be quite a different game.

Elda387d ago

They have it on the PS4 enhanced.

Hardiman387d ago

I never played it either which is strange but I must sau I'm looking forward to the remake!

Segata387d ago


Have you to be joking? At this point, it's about as much a spoiler as Darth Vader is Lukes dad. People who don't play the game or seen Star Wars even know that. It's impossible to not know about Aerith's death after 20 years. Guess what King Kong dies at the end and Shiek is Zelda!

raWfodog386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

Darth Vader is Luke's dad?!? I only got about halfway through Empire Strikes Back, been meaning to catch up. That's wild, man. What's next, Leia is Luke's sister?? Now that would be crazy :)

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XiNatsuDragnel388d ago

Switch greatness + PS4 greatness + PC greatness = total sasifaction.

_-EDMIX-_387d ago

Lol same.

Dat beast set up.

PC PlayStation Home console Nintendo portable.

I've been running that setup for years now with no fail.

PhoenixUp388d ago

Hopefully get a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3

MrJay388d ago

Final Fantasy VII 2019?

OmnislashVer36387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

If it's 2019 they might as well release it for PS5 tbh. I mean what's the hurt in waiting a few more months when they'll be able to have it running at 4K with twice the graphical detail? Or atleast release it for PS4 but update it for PS5 since we've been waiting so long.

The 10th Rider387d ago

There always a cross gen release possibility or it could release on PS4 a few months to a year later as a release title. That's what often happens.

andrewsquall387d ago

True, by the time they do FFVII-2 and FFVII-3 we will certainly already be in next gen. This should have started development in 2013 so the SECOND one would be releasing around now and the 3rd part in another year or 2 to round out the gen. Would have been even quicker to just cancel the time waster FFXV too.

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