Nintendo Disables Comments on All YouTube Videos In Japan

This is a lesser known fact in the gaming community. Nintendo disables comments on all YouTube videos, but so do a lot of other companies.

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Kikutaro84d ago

bu do we even need to write an article about this shit?Every Japanese company do this,if you want to see the comments,go to niconico

The 10th Rider84d ago

Yeah, I was like "That's weird". Then I clicked the article on N4G and the rest of the headline popped up ". . . in Japan". Then I started reading the little summary and it says " . . . so do a lot of other companies."

A total non-story right here.

Braxmapoutras84d ago

The comment has been disabled.

Pancit_Canton84d ago

I guess Nintendo can't take criticism.

Subzero100x84d ago

"I guess Nintendo can't take criticism."
did you bother to even read the article? i guess you dont know how to read.

kevnb84d ago

Youtube comments on video games are seldom anything but toxic.

mezati9984d ago

Youtube comments in general are nothing but toxic shit fest

Cobra95184d ago

Yeah, pretty much, though I still scan through them to find the odd gems.