Final Fantasy XV Team's New Projects Aiming for Next Generation; Windows Edition Is a Half-Way Point

Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata and his team have their eyes set on the next generations of platforms for their new projects.

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TFJWM261d ago

Makes sense considering how long XV took...

CyrusLemont261d ago

That's probably for the best, this generation is too limited by its CPUs for advanced simulation and AI (Smarter AI, AC Unity crowds, physically reactive environments etc.). Hopefully we'll see something more up to the task next gen. at least double the power of the One X CPU.

PhoenixUp261d ago

Another FFXV article with Cindy in the freakin thumbnail 😑

Don't you journalists care about variety?

Nara_shikamaru260d ago

I like to think she's the mascot for the game lol

Nara_shikamaru260d ago

If windows edition is the half-way point, then im very intrigued to see the end goal