Wall Street Crisis Hits Gaming - Game Stocks in Freefall

Repercussions from the recent events on Wall Street seemed to have found their next target: the gaming industry. With the market in freefall, game publishers watched as the value of their stocks plumeted. These massive market loss affected both Microsoft and Sony, and even the most prosperous of publishers.

Some of these publishers include Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, THQ, Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, and others as well. Paris-based company Ubisoft seemed to be hit the hardest of the bunch. Xbox 360 maker Microsoft saw 8.72 percent ($2.39 per share) of its multibillion-dollar market value vanish in a single day. PlayStation 3 manufacturer Sony Corp Resistance 2) shed 5.09 percent ($1.65 per share), ending trading at $30.76.

What kind of long-term effects will this have on the gaming industry? More information following the link.

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