Konami's TGS Game List

Kotaku writes: Konami has announced its TGS game plans, and we are posting them. Oh yes. Let's dive in:

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morganfell3730d ago

Kotaku can go hang themselves. That girl Crecente that runs the site and her boyfriend Brian Asscrack can get bent.

King Me3730d ago

are ALWAYS forum posts :|

Sometimes they luck out and get it right,but most of the times they get it wrong...And once they get it wrong,what do they do?Why,blame the forum poster/forum owner!

They're definitely messed up.

Montrealien3730d ago

do you guys actually understand the meaning of the word "rumor"? Most gaming news blogs come down to being the Enquirer for gamers. How the heck can you know a site for not being right on a rumor for crying out loud?

pixelsword3729d ago

...but even a rumor has to be based upon some tangible and credible evidence, in which Kotaku doesn't bother to research at all. That's why they're always taking back their statements.

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PirateThom3730d ago

If it wasn't for Metal Gear, Konami would have been dead a long time ago.

PS360WII3730d ago

Umm Castlevania, Winning Eleven, Dance Dance Revolution, and even Silent Hill has been treating Konami well for awhile. Metal Gear is not their only bread and butter

Sony Rep3730d ago

That's a dumb thing to say.

PirateThom3730d ago

Come on, I love Konami and all, but when was the last big selling Castlevania game? Winning Eleven was a huge sales disaster last year. Dance Dance Revolution has been replaced by Guitar Hero. Silent Hill has been dead in sales since the PSOne.

I'm not just saying it to be obtuse, but Metal Gear games basically are keeping Konami alive at the moment, none of the rest of their games have that selling power and, without it, I couldn't see Konami even existing.

PS360WII3730d ago

Actually all the recent Castlevanias have sold well and seeing that they are on the DS they don't need to sell massive quantities to make up the money spent on development. DDR still is a front runner. Sure it's not as popular but it made them big bucks when it was and still does bring in some cash. Silent Hill was still doing great on the PS2. Winning Eleven the series has been doing well too sure it'll have bumps in the road but so did MGS. It has been slowly going downhill in sales till 4 came out.

juuken3730d ago

...C'mon Thom, that was a joke, right? .~.

TheColbertinator3730d ago

@Pirate Thom

If it wasn't for Castlevania,Konami would not have had enough money to fund MGS4.Also Konami has plenty of music games for the casuals which actually sell well despite reviews

Montrealien3730d ago

"I'm not just saying it to be obtuse, but Metal Gear games basically are keeping Konami alive at the moment"

That is very far form the truth. I think if anything, they have to do as much as possible with MGS4 to actually make it worth it's weight in yen. They use Slot machines, Beamani and DDR to butter their toast with in the mornings.

just out of curiosity, does anyone know the production coast of MGS4?

CloudsEnd3729d ago

I didnt even know that MGS4 has a own Coast.

Product3729d ago

Honestly if you take into account how much Metal Gear took to make i think the ds Castlevania games are prolly making a bigger profit.

Konami has been around well before and after Metal Gear.
I really hope we see a Contra of some sorts on all platforms.

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pp3730d ago

Hahahahha whats the point of showing mgs4 last i heard japan doesn't like mgs4 thats why it ended up on the bargain bins

PirateThom3730d ago

It was actually the second best selling Metal Gear game to date in Japan. Only beaten by Metal Gear Solid 2. Cry moar. You can't play it at all.

Greysturm3730d ago

Outsold halo or any other xbox 360 exclusive in japan so i guess we should say "Whats the point of selling the 360 in japan last time i heard japan doesnt like the 360 thats why they dropped the price in free fall."

Sony Rep3730d ago

Has a RROD.

Look at his avatar.


Raoh3730d ago

on sony's game list for TGS there is also an unannounced game for PS3 from Konami

Johnny Cullen3730d ago

*prays for Zone of the Enders 3*

Montrealien3730d ago

kneels down and joins prayer.

Why o why3730d ago

kneels down and joins prayer

Beast_Master3730d ago

I predict a Castlevania or MGS PSP game. I would be surprised if Kojima had enough of a build of Zone of enders 3 to showcase at TGS.

CloudsEnd3729d ago

"PS3 Titles
1 from Konami"

:S I didnt read, 1 PSP Game from Konami

*kneels down and joins prayer*

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INehalemEXI3730d ago

Wheres Zone of Enders 3 ?

Johnny Cullen3730d ago

"on sony's game list for TGS there is also an unannounced game for PS3 from Konami"

I want it to be Zone of the Enders 3, I really do.

That could be it.

juuken3730d ago

Codename: Possibly Secret Game.

INehalemEXI3730d ago

That would be good news :D

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