Diamond Resolves the Defective ATI-Based GPU Issue

Recently, on-line media was alerted about the news that ATI based graphics chips were reported failing on the field at higher than expected rates. While some were probably expecting the situation to escalate, less than a week since we learned about the issue, the company involved seems to have already solved the problem. We are talking here about Diamond Multimedia and a lot of faulty chips delivered to Alienware.

The initial news stated that around 15,000 to 20,000 cards were suspected as being defective. These cards were not manufactured by Diamond itself, but by one of its partners, ITC, also known under the brand name GeCube. The suspicions cards included defective materials, a human mistake involving one of the engineers or a bad BIOS. Detailed research on the story unveiled the fact that only some 3800 cards were defective, namely those shipped to Alienware.

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