Amazing fan art of the Great Grey Wolf Sif goes viral among gamers

Video games are the most appreciated media and entertainment products of this century and they often inspire gamers to create astounding piece of art out of them and today's viral new is all about an amazing fan art drawing that has literally explode on the web!

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MeteorPanda340d ago

ehh...fanart gets headlines now? a quick scroll through google shows a few hundred wolf character fanart.. lol

l admit it's great but headline worthy? eh?

MrChow666340d ago

why not? I thinks its nice and its not like it happens all the time

MeteorPanda340d ago

But fanart is always happening.i loved the art we got a while back of black ff7 characters, that shit was boss af. But this? Billion wolf fanart images

Uken12340d ago

It's a cool drawing. Not a headline worthy drawing and not anything to go crazy about or viral worthy in my opinion. It looks like the sword is just floating under his face.

There is a lot of great Dark Souls fan art out there.

PurpHerbison340d ago

Would you prefer the bs click bait articles? This was a nice change of pace.

MeteorPanda340d ago

These articles are not worthy either but they work only because idiots post why theyre wrong. Like game reviews will have horrid scores and watch the revenue walk in cause fanboys with a cause are veteran nternet warriors