Guerrilla: Why They Did Something Different From Killzone

In our interview with Guerrilla Games Lead Concept Artist Roland Ijzermans, he explains the motivation behind doing something so different from Killzone.

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UCForce634d ago

It was risky for GG especially they have no experience with open world formula. But they confident and they did it in the end. I'm proud of them. It is their first try and they did it well.

Kingthrash360634d ago

Plus they had the freedom to do it.

Rimeskeem634d ago

I feel like Killzone and Horizon can be attached in the same world. It would be super intriguing if GG made their own universe which their games (and maybe other Sony studios) could be within.

Of course a massive dream but something I would love to see.

Septic634d ago

Killzone series has been hit and miss and was always sized up against the superior competition.

But Horizon shows why studios should be allowed to breathe and not be tied down to an IP. I'm glad they did it, as IM sure we all are.

Killzone is still a great IP that can deliver if done right. But for now, GG should be congratulated for their feats, delivering on their new foray into a different genre with such success

Kingthrash360634d ago

Rarely do you talk with such sense.
I'll give you an agree.
Finally you see what I've been saying about freedom in development and not being tied to the same game. Giving devs freedom to do as they please, especially talented devs, you usually get great results.

Relientk77634d ago

So glad they made this new IP. The dinosaur and animal mechs have me so excited

634d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.