Crackdown Turns 10 and Microsoft Has Been Awfully Quiet About a Flagship Series

It's the 10-year anniversary of the Crackdown series. Given how successful it was, the silence surrounding that is a little troubling.

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Chris12331d ago

Another idiot article. MS will show Crackdown at E3, not because some self entitled gamers insist there should be regular updates.

Genuine-User330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

The only problem with this opinion piece is that it considers Crackdown a flagship Xbox title.

It's not a flagship series.

It could, but I doubt it.

I don't even..

Dlacy13g330d ago

It may turn into one but to this date it hasn't been.

330d ago
PlayableGamez-330d ago

In all fairness to Crackdown, we don't know what the game is going to enfold.

Ben Dover330d ago


Are you really this dumb? My god....

inveni0329d ago

There is a ton of risk involved with their approach for the new Crackdown. I don't blame them for being cautious with new information. A lot of incredibly complex systems have to come together for it to be successful. No one has done a game with a technical foundation like Microsoft's cloud-based engine before. They have a steep road to climb. I'm actually more concerned about this cloud system than I am about the game. It's hard enough to scale a regular game's online component to support a hundred thousand simultaneous players. This cloud feature is going to be insanely harder, and I'm certain that's why we haven't seen many Xbox games using the structure.

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dkp23330d ago

How many time they going to show crackdown at e3? Its been going on three years.

ShottyatLaw330d ago

It's only appeared at one E3.

scofios330d ago

Flagship ? Crackdown series was mediocre at best . That titel belogs to halo or gears , but please not crackdown .

rainslacker329d ago

But you don't find it odd that so little has been shown of the game after all this time?

Not that I think MS is required to inform us, but all we know about it is what they announced at the reveal, and more recently, they were adding in a SP campaign.

That is almost unheard of for games that have been known about for years now.

All showings of the game have been trailers, or some random glimpses through developer diary type stuff. No actual game play. no other selling points mentioned beyond Cloud destruction and a SP campaign.

Quite honestly nothing.

It's not like CD is a long term greatly loved IP. It was always a modest title up until it because so important for X1. So it would be typical that a lot more would be shown by now to generate more interest outside the rabid fan boy types.

Consider we have seen more of FFVII than we have of CD3 and it's quite telling that we know next to nothing about CD3, nor is there enough information to reasonably discern the actual quality of the game based on observation and relating it to our own experiences in the past.

Sure, it's self entitled to demand they show something, but it seems rather atypical for people to think everything is perfectly fine with the game based on how little they've shown of it over the years.

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Woolly_331d ago

No FPS Halo game this year.
Crackdown gets the spotlight..

Crackdown has never been a flagship series.
If Crackdown 3 does well it might be seen as such.

Just last week Xbox put out a video of what to expect this year. They spoke of Crackdown . .
So it's not like it's gone off the radar.

Godmars290330d ago

It is - was - in regards to showing how cloud severs could benefit gaming.

That it remains the only major project meant to demo how the cloud is suppose to reduce general development, make making games easier, certainly sends a message.

freshslicepizza330d ago

they said last year its coming out this year, if it doesnt deliver then you have a right to question it and if it does deliver i imagine you will move onto something else to question ms about.

Godmars290330d ago

The Crackdown 3 argument has never been about Crackdown 3. Rather, its been what cloud servers can add to the game. The effects and abilities it was suppose to add to multiplayer. If not its very likely, that as a "simple" sequel with a few customization and network options, the game would have been out years ago.

If the game comes out this year wont be such a big deal as the game coming out this year with promised online - cloud based - features to follow at some later date. That would be MS failing utterly on a larger promise as the Xbox camp cheers them on while also mocking Sony fanboys for not believing that MS wouldn't deliever. When they haven't.

PlayableGamez-330d ago

In fairness to Crackdown, I think it should be given a chance.

rainslacker329d ago (Edited 329d ago )

They spoke of crackdown. Did they actually show anything from it?

Curious for people to name one selling point of this game other than cloud based destruction.

@Playable above

Of course it should be given a chance. That doesn't change the fact that MS has been rather protective of showing off the game. Seems odd to now show off a game that isn't story based so no chance of spoilers.

I've been saying this for a while now when I sat down to think about why people were excited about the game in another thread. I wanted to objectively analyze why people would be excited for the game, because all I knew about it was what to expect from a CD game, and that it had cloud based destruction. Then I came to the conclusion, that's all I knew about the game. I did some research, and found that's really all anyone knows about the game....or at least that's all they seem to cling to to be excited for the game.

ShottyatLaw329d ago

This is the SP selling point I'm interested in:

“So the Crackdown campaign is definitely the most fully featured campaign we’ve ever done. It’s basically running a sim on top of the traditional Crackdown environment. We created this thing called a ‘hate table.’ Depending on what you choose to destroy in the environment, there will be massive, big reactions all over the city. Gangs will get together against you. This is the first time we’ve ever had something like that."

Reminds me a bit of open worlds like MGS5 or Shadow of Mordor. I like the idea of your strategy and actions affecting the larger game world around you.

gangsta_red329d ago

"Curious for people to name one selling point of this game other than cloud based destruction"

Why? Why take away the biggest selling point for this game? Exactly what do you want people to tell you? If you played the first Crackdown or even the second then you would know why fans are excited about this game. The added potential of destruction is its biggest selling point and yet you want another reason other than this.

It's funny because I have seen similar excitment for for games like Shenmue 3, Deep Down and TLG, games that have/has shown next to nothing and yet still there was a good general excitment for the titles. But for some reason for MS games we get comments that always seem to tell fans to lower expectations, no reason for excitement, cant understand where the hype is coming from are something similar.

I noticed a comment from you saying that xbox fan boys are putting unrealistic expectations on this game. I think that is true, except its not xbox fan boys, it's actually sony fan boys doing this, then applying there extreme hyper bole to just a general excitement for the actual game from fans.

It is a real shame that you have to discuss and figure out or even be puzzled by this in the first place. As a gamer you should want this to be good or work so hopefully this type of design could be applied to other games. I guess that would be asking too much though.

Septic329d ago

"Curious for people to name one selling point of this game other than cloud based destruction. "

Did you play the first game? It was great fun. The sick verticality, the mad destruction (without cloud believe it or not), the open ended nature of it, the agility orbs, the sick gameplay, how you progressed and your character and vehicles visibly morphed to show progress....the co-op gameplay which was hilarious. Which game allows you to chuck your mate in straight to a near end boss battle RIGHT AT TEH START OF THE GAME.

"I wanted to objectively analyze why people would be excited for the game, because all I knew about it was what to expect from a CD game, and that it had cloud based destruction. "

Whats with the forensic approach to this game all of a sudden like its such a herculean task for you to understand why people might me looking forward to this game?

Its made by the creator of the GTA series and the unparalleled destruction would absolutely lend itself PERFECTLY to the premise of this game.

Get it now? Want me to tell you more or are you going to continue to be so unnaturally inquisitive about the premise of this videogame franchise, the first game of which, was met with positive feedback from FANS?

Godmars290329d ago

Believe he means things like enemy AI or vehicles in addition to main selling point. Since one was dumb, simply cam at you and attacked, where the other became pointless to use.

As for Shenmue 3, Deep Down and TLG? One is the conclusion for series its fans never thought they'd see, another from a devs with a fan base for similar titles, and Deep Down is just dead. That anyone remembers much less is excited about is surprising.

Then there's the unrealistic expectations of the Xbox camp. Cause they presented example of reserved and cautiousness with Kinect.

gangsta_red329d ago


"Believe he means things like enemy AI or vehicles in addition to main selling point."

No I think he means to just downplay anything because he doesn't understand why people would just have a general excitement about a game.

"Then there's the unrealistic expectations of the Xbox camp. Cause they presented example of reserved and cautiousness with Kinect."

And that is what's so hilarious, for the Sony camp the games mentioned there's always an excuse as to why there's an excitement, why people are looking forward to it, why there is a general hype for the games coming no matter how little is shown.

But for some unknown reason those same excuses can't be applied to the games for Xbox. That any excitement or anticipation (which includes discussions of possibilities) are some how always Xbox fans being delusional or unrealistic.

Godmars290329d ago

"How Little is shown"?

Even back in the day with the E2 KZ2 demo Sony's idea of damage control was to release a scene breakdown for one of the game's commercials claiming it was using the game engine. Games like TLG and UE4 had active stage demos, one of which needed to be rebooted. Compare that CD3 only being shown off stage and only in pre-dev segments. That often if its MS a game gets shown off more by CG trailer. That what was shown of Scalebound on stage was different that what was being shown behind doors.

Then, getting back to fan camps, its not that Xbox gamers get excited for title that irks PS fanboys if not everyone else in general, but that the game or whatever MS has done will catapult their brand to the #1 spot in gaming. That the 5th Halo title will bring in more than just Halo fans. Again, all the BS around Kinect and how it was going to change *everything* despite every new game for it failing to live up to the hype. The Xbox camp finally trying to use the speech feature as a reason to buy a freaking motion camera.

I know Sony fanboys can be just as bad with something like Dad of War , but FFS, when Scalebound got canceled Xbox fanboys turned on it about as quickly as MS did. It went from a system seller to all of Platinum's fault - though it was more likely the insistence of online four player multi on what was obviously a single player title. Open world or not.

rainslacker328d ago (Edited 328d ago )


Thank you. That was a very informative comment with no negativity and I can actually get behind that and it makes things a bit clearer. I never saw the part about the SP campaign, other than they were working on it. I'll attempt to read a full article where you pulled that from when possible.

@Gangsta and Septic

FIrst, let me say I can understand that people interested in the IP would be excited. But CD is a game I rarely ever saw mentioned through the years, so I'm having a hard time beliving that a lot of people excited about it now ever played the original back in the day. Only games that really get that kind of treatment are the one's that get remembered when they get mentioned, but aren't on the tip of people's minds.

That said, instead of doing what shotty did, and inform me of a selling point of this game behind the full destructable environment, you won't even bother?

Basically the two of you say the best selling points of this game are it's a sequel to a game that had a good first title, and that it has a fully destructable environment. That's hardly compelling to get me to understand why people would be excited because I already know about the destruction, and I never played the original.

I feel any game that has one selling point, and no other(because I don't consider being a sequel a strong selling point in this case), is something that people are hyping too much for no reason, and I was curious if there was more to the game beyond the fully destructible environments.

Shotty provided a good answer. It informed, and it opens up my understanding a bit more. It did so without trying to sound superior to make me look incompetent.

I'm not asking anyone to take away the one and only selling point, I'm trying to find out if there is more to the game than that selling point. Why? because I don't find that singular selling point very compelling when looking at the bigger picture. May be a technical marvel, but that doesn't mean it's going to be fun.

People are excited for Shenmue. Sure. But you don't see a ton of raving fan boys acting like it's going to destroy everything that MS has to offer and holding it up as a shining gem of the best thing ever. It's not bad that CD3 has some hype for it, and I'm not going to discourage people from wanting it, I just ask if they have higher standards than a singular selling point, which hasn't even been shown off in a practical manner yet. Cool to be excited for the prospect, but I don't see any Xbox fan having a single doubt about the game.

And no, It's the Xbox fan boys who are putting unrealistic expectations from it. Sony fan boys, at least the extreme ones I assume you're talking about, seem to think the game is going to flop hard and not actually deliver. Maybe exceptions exist, but I'm going to keep my argument about generalities.

it's not that I don't want the game to be good, or work. Never have I said that. I have my doubts that MS can deliver, and based on experience, I feel the fully destructible environments aren't going to be all that great for game play. But maybe they'll pull it off, and if they do, I'll have a lot of respect for them, because I know first hand just how difficult it can be to get destructible environments to work in a way that isn't frustrating for the player.

That being said, I'm not trying to downplay the excitement. I'm trying to understand it. I really just don't get it, because not that much has been shown of the game. Help me understand, and maybe I'll be excited too.

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andrewsquall329d ago

Isn't Halo 3 due its Anniversary Edition this year? Hopefully the team actually in charge of this franchise, 343i, don't botch the remaster this time.

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Lirrit330d ago

hopefully we see it this year, though would love to see more marketing right about now

SocialShy330d ago

Didn't realize they didn't say anything.

demonddel330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

I didn't too

heartnet13330d ago

I'd really like to see something, anything from Crackdown honestly. The radio silence after Scalebound isn't great. I do expect them to put the focus on it at E3 though, I will say.

DaFeelz330d ago

I'm with ya. Crackdown taught me the beauty of online co-op. As terrible as CD2 was (and it was) me and my homies had countless hours of fun. I miss this series. Once they announce a release date, I'll start counting the days. Praying for a simultaneous release with Scorpio.