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The DeanBeat: Will China rule the world of gaming?

14d ago - China is one of the hottest markets in the world, with a growing $14 billion PC online game marke... | Industry

Tencent earns $1.8 billion from online games in Q2

14d ago - Tencent's online gaming division earned $1.8 billion in Q2 2014, making it more than 50% of Tence... | Industry

How Tencent sees the worldwide opportunity in gaming investments

22d ago - Bo Wang, the vice president of Tencent Games, is in charge of mobile games, international busines... | Industry

Tencent will unveil two new PC games next month

153d ago - Rumor has it Tencent will announce a new PC action game and a new shooter next month, and the act... | Industry

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Tencent claims its mobile gaming platform covers 80% of Chinese mobile gamers

175d ago - Tencent’s mobile gaming platform is pretty new, but that hasn’t stopped it from taking China by s... | Industry

Best grossing F2P games of 2013 - CrossFire and League of Legends in the lead

219d ago - The f2p gaming segment has seen a 45% financial growth in 2013, and titles like CrossFire, League... | PC

Girls` Generation heats up game show in Shanghai

264d ago - South Korean pop girl group Girls` Generation hit a game expo to promote TGC (Tencent Games Carni... | PC

Blizzcon versus Tencent Carnival: which conference do Chinese gamers prefer?

278d ago - GamesInAsia: With Blizzcon and South Korea’s G-STAR both having wrapped up recently, Asia’s gamer... | Industry

Is Tencent Being Too Ambitious? Headset Gaming Experience?

391d ago - In this year's ChinaJoy 2013, Tencent will be debuting a Headset Gaming Experience for Blade and... | Tech

Activision Breaks up With Vivendi. What Does This Mean For Mobile Gaming?

397d ago - Activision recently bought themselves out from Vivendi, but that isn't the whole story. Tencent,... | iPhone

Kotick: Tencent a 'passive investor' in Activision Blizzard buyback

397d ago - Joystiq: Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick stated in an early-morning conference call that... | Industry

Activision-Blizzard, Tencent join the ESA

415d ago - The US-based Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has announced that Activision-Blizzard and... | Industry

Monster Hunter Online Publisher Donates 500 Million Yuan For Lushan Earthquake Relief

494d ago - The name Tencent still doesn’t mean much to most gamers, despite the fact that the Tencent Games... | PC

Monster Hunter Online Announced, Gameplay Detailed

496d ago - In tandem with Capcom, Chinese game publisher Tencent today officially announced and released gam... | PC

League of Legends Fantasy League? Tencent owned ZAM registers domains

663d ago - The idea of launching a fantasy league for online battle arena game “League of Legends” has been... | PC

Activision on the block: Assessing the potential buyers

777d ago - "Vivendi might be getting more serious about offloading Activision-Blizzard. "Reuters reports... | PC

Rumor Has It: China's Tencent As A Potential Buyer for Activision Blizzard

778d ago - Rumor has it that China's Tencent could snap up Activision Blizzard. Could this mean goodbye P2P... | Industry

The Three Biggest Gaming Companies You’ve Never Heard Of

911d ago - The Big Three - Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are names that almost every gamer recognizes. Howeve... | PC

Will Lineage Bros Go to Tencent?

1291d ago - NCsoft is preparing another leap of series in China. NCsoft has admitted it as “we are looki... | PC

GDC Europe: Tencent Games VP talks about the booming Chinese game market

1434d ago - During his keynote talk on the first day of GDC Europe Tencent Games’ vice president Bo Wang talk... | PC

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ArcheAge Contracts Mega Publishing with Tencent of China.

1455d ago - XLgames has signed with Tencent for the right of publishing of in China. Size of the contract is... | PC
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