Monday Virtual Console | Wii Ware Update 9/15

Another Monday, another week of classic games on the Virtual Console. This week, we're going to see two Wii Ware games and Virtual consoles that will satisfy your weekly Wii needs.

"Two is your lucky number at the Wii Shop Channel this week. You'll find a pair of totally different yet equally awesome sequels on offer: the second installment in the outrageous Strong Bad game series on WiiWare, and a memorable sequel from the classic Mega Man series on the Virtual Console. Two is also the total number of WiiWare titles debuting this week, including an eye-popping new puzzle game that's suitable for two players. And while it only takes one Wii console to access them, you'll need two hands to applaud this ever-growing selection of great games.""

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Supa3537d ago

Capcom's at it again. Only one more week till Mega Man 9 arrives, oh yeah!

DA_SHREDDER3537d ago

this is the best mega man of all time. Wood Man ftw!

mirroredderorrim3537d ago

Megaman 2 is where it's at.

What do you know about completing the laser part of the Quickman stage, blindfolded?

TheROsingleB3537d ago

totally possible since its the same pattern every time :P

Duraji3537d ago

The new SBCG4AP is all I needed to see to make my Monday. :D

mirroredderorrim3537d ago

Even though that is TRUE.. I know people who have trouble with it, while seeing it. LOL.

Even so, noobs use Flashmans ability to get through it.
That is all.

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