Sega’s new Valkyria game is very different

The Valkyria Chronicles spin-off plays more like a tactical musou game

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XanderZane698d ago

Definitely looks and plays differently from the first 2 games. I'm still looking forward to it.

RedDevils698d ago

Why fix something that isn't broken. I hope it good.

SilverDemon698d ago

It's a spin-off NOT main installment

Think about it as CTR to crash bandicoot or shaolin monks to mortal Kombat

kalkano698d ago

Except, we all know that Sega wanted to transfer the Valkyria Chronicles fanbase to their new action series. It simply didn't go according to plan, and they had to adjust course. Too bad they didn't adjust enough.

SilverDemon698d ago

What you juat said is stupid and doesn't hold any grounds

SEGA will make the game that sells more
If more people bought this new action game that means fans wants the game to be action and SEGA will make more.
If it sold poorly, SEGA will go back to the roots

Look at fallout, it wasn't always like this however, when Bethesda changed the gameplay the fans loved it so they kept the changes

rainslacker697d ago (Edited 697d ago )


I hope that isn't the case. VC has become a cult hit in it's own right, and with the remaster and an ever increasing fan base which has been mostly denied access to the series through Sega's way of releasing it on portable and home consoles, as well as not localizing all versions in a timely fashion, it'd be really impossible to tell just how well the SRPG version actually rates among the consumer base. There is some hope with the remaster if it sold well, which I heard reports that it did, but this game could be driving it's sales off the following that the game has, and hoping to bring in new players who are attracted to the new style.

Doesn't mean the older style wouldn't be as popular if you get people hooked on the story.

At best, we can hope that people buying into this game are apt to go back and look up the older games if they haven't tried them yet.

I don't want to see either fail. I love the IP overall, and I'm not opposed to spin-offs even if they deviate from the original premise. But I'd hate to see the original premise never used again, because it was truly unique, fun, and built to work well....except when you got to that game breaking level post game in the first one.:)

I think Sega just needs to be more consistent with the franchise. Nothing wrong with spin-offs, but they should keep them as spin-offs....which can be a franchise in their own right....see Persona and SMT for reference.

kalkano697d ago

What you just said is stupid, and doesn't hold any ground.

This is already a guaranteed flop. The fans want Valkyria Chronicles, and this is not it. That could not possibly be more clear. It's also a mid-tier game in a franchise that is now stumbling. That's not going to pull in a whole lot of new fans.

Fallout was successful because it went AAA. Nothing more, nothing less.

SilverDemon697d ago

@kalkano and action combat wont get new players into it???
the point of this game is to get new players into the world if this game
look at persona, it started as spinoff and its one of the biggest jrpgs ever

this may be what VC needs....a spinoff

also this game has some strategy(not full on DMC combat)

kalkano696d ago

Enough new players to make up for the fans jumping ship? No, it will not. And, neither will FFXV for that matter. Not even close.

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Kreisen698d ago (Edited 698d ago )

I think it looks great, im glad they moved away from that shitty combat system in the last game.

madpuppy698d ago

Not fond of this style of gameplay but, I really LOVE the art direction, The hand drawn style of art is impressive, I would love to see it in other game genre's, Like a standard TPS/FPS.

kalkano698d ago

Sounds a little like White Knight Chronicles, which is all wrong. There's no point in making a game Turn-Based, if you're only going to control one character at a time, while everyone else is AI. They're trying to walk a middle ground that's going to end up being less satisfying for Action fans and Turn-Based fans alike.