USA Today: Too Human Review

Too Human isn't a failure, but it's too bad many of the game's notable attributes such as a cool story and RPG-like upgrades are overshadowed by so-so fight sequences and nagging camera issues. Sure, this sci-fi adventure keeps afloat - but it wades in a sea of mediocrity.

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thor3724d ago

How does that summary match the score? Doesn't make much sense to say "it wades in a sea of mediocrity" and then to give it 4/5.

Larry Fine3723d ago

Too Human is a grade above terrible for the amount of time I waited on it. Great Story!?! my assanosis. Leave greek mythology to Kratos.

PirateThom3723d ago

The game isn't Greek mythology, it's Norse. :P

I say "Norse", it's vaguely like Norse mythology in that's it's not remotely related bar names and some vague references.