10 Amazing Series Microsoft Should Bring Back From the Dead

COG writes - Despite being the youngest of the three console makers, Microsoft still has plenty of dormant IPs that could use a resurgence.

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TheColbertinator846d ago

Another Crimson Skies with Xbox Live today would be awesome. One of Microsoft's best IPs of all time.

christocolus846d ago

Another crimson skies would be nice. My brother and I played CS a lot back then.

Paytaa846d ago

Bring back Azurik: Rise of Perathia as a deep complex RPG. Game wasn't perfect but still enjoyed the hell out of it.

Sonyslave3846d ago

I just want another otojo game and that sport game game where you had to throw the disc inside a goalie to score.

Paytaa846d ago (Edited 846d ago )

Deathrow. One of the best couch multiplayer games I've ever played.

christocolus846d ago

Deathrow was the name of the game . I loved it so much.A sequel on Xbox One would be great.

zerocarnage846d ago

I think ninety nine nights should have a brand new game. I miss playing that hack n slash and was pretty Damn hot .I enjoyed how it had a quintine tarantino style story type where it would bring in the story a bit more with each character on every new play through. The game had exciting characters to and to be honest was just as good as warriors orochi or dynasty warriors or samurai warriors.

Out of them all that one should be on the list..

DeeBeers846d ago

Mechassault, Crimson Skies, Fusion Frenzy, Whacked. Particularly Mechassault, though. Put that Crackdown3 destruction engine to work!

denawayne846d ago

Definitely MechAssault. Good idea on the Crackdown destruction.

OpieWinston846d ago

Kung Fu Chaos was the perfect bloody Super Smash Bros.
Bring back Conker please!

christocolus846d ago

I'd give anything to get a sequel to Kung Fu Chaos and a new Fuzion Frenzy game.

OpieWinston846d ago

One day.... ONE DAY we will see a Fuzion Frenzy reboot. And it'll be glorious. The same day I get Kung Fu Chaos again and a 1vs100 game brought back.

846d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.