Top 10 Falls From Grace in Video Game History

VGChartz's Taneli Palola: "While I've been doing research for my History of Video Games series I've also had the chance to see the rise and fall of countless video game publishers, developers, franchises, and creators who at one point or another were at the top of the video game industry. They had the eyes of the industry on them looking to see what great things they would do next, only to fall flat on their faces trying to replicate former glory. It's often a fascinating journey to watch unfold, and today we're going to count down ten of the most memorable ones."

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kalkano800d ago

SEGA + SquareEnix are about as bad as it gets, for me. Konami's fall was worse, but I wasn't as invested in their games (only Suikoden and Vandal Hearts).

TC731798d ago

Enix dragged Square down. Also, Kingdom Hearts spelled doom for the Final Fantasy franchise; SquEnix decided that EVERY FF had to have a modified version of KH's battle system. FF10 was the last great one.

798d ago
kalkano798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

I agree with you, except that Enix dragged Square down. It was Yoichi Wada, mostly. But, even now that he's gone, I see no sign of recovery. They learned from him too much, apparently.

@Gr8b8m8 (fitting name, by the way):

Your comment reads as nothing but desperate self-reassurance. Remember what you said when XV flops. And you, apparently, think the whole 13 series was popular? EVERY SINGLE GAME is looked on poorly by the general gaming population. XV is also already looked on poorly.

_-EDMIX-_797d ago

@Kal- By simple definition you are wrong.

"you, apparently, think the whole 13 series was popular?" What is "think"? This is based on an objective observation.

For a mater of fact it is....


"accepted, or done by a large number of people"

Guess what? That is even before it hit PC.

How is that not the pure definition of "popular"?

"EVERY SINGLE GAME is looked on poorly by the general gaming population" That can be stated about all games that will ever exist, you know a game that has been looked at unanimously as "great"?

When did you survey millions upon millions of gamers?

"XV is also already looked on poorly" you, all the time...look at your history lol. So is Call Of Duty, doesn't stop 20 million plus people from buying it every year, so who are theses gamers you are talking about? The WHOLE world or just N4G?

Did you not know that more people existed outside of N4G or????? I didn't care for FFXIII and never bought it, but I can't just assume the 11 million plus that played the series hated it.

_-EDMIX-_797d ago

Chaos Theory was the last great SC game!

I want the series to return though.

WellyUK798d ago

Command & Conquer series. EA destroyed it.