GamerTM: Too Human Review

Gamer writes: "With our sister mag 360 Gamer having been stiffed out of the first review last issue, we can't help but feel that Too Human doesn't like us very much. And that's absolutely fine. Because now we've got our hands on it, we have nothing but contempt, loathing and a slither of pity for it either.

However you look at it, Too Human both looks and feels like a game that's been languishing in development hell for as long as it has been. You can just feel the influence of countless other big games and gaming trends being shoehorned in to try and make it 'current' only for the game to continually slip and ultimately end up glooping onto shelves as the bitty mess we see today. It's just such a tricky thing to classify – the game straddles genres without the commitment or decency to brave the intricacies of any of them, leaving the end product feeling incredibly frail and indecisive."

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slugg3678d ago

When you mention something about a sister mag getting stiffed out of a first review in the opening sentence, how can anyone take what you have to say seriously with such an obvious axe to grind? What a bunch of losers.