Game Sequels that–Surprisingly–Don't Suck

GotGame's Kit Blanke writes:

"Like most people in the world, I watched the Dark Knight in a pure and unholy awe. I had two 32 ounce beers on each side of me, and I was prepared to be planted in my seat for the whole movie. (Or course, midway through the 2nd brew I had to pee like a damn race horse.) The Dark Knight is one of those rare movies that lived up to its hype. And it did one of the few things I could never imagine a sequel doing, it was better than the original. So, being a long time gamer, this got me thinking about all the games that had better sequels than their predecessors. And, like the cinema, it was rather difficult to find superior sequels, but I have managed to think up a few blowouts."

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