Can you trust Keiji Inafune?

After Red Ash's failed Kickstarter and Might No. 9 running into more problems. The article looks at whether we can trust Keiji Inafune again?

"Keiji Inafune’s departure from Capcom was a long time coming. It was 23 years in the making to be precise and after creating and moulding the iconic Mega Man, Infune ended up hating his job and believing that he couldn’t influence decisions at Capcom any longer. He left behind an impressive legacy and the character he was most intrinsically linked to."

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TwoForce953d ago

I don't know for sure. But After what happened to Red Ash kickstarter, people seem
Upset a lot.

KentBenMei953d ago

Enough melodrama, of course we can trust him, he is a legend.

viperman240953d ago

Just look at Tim Schafer, he's also a "legend" as you like to say and we sure as hell can't trust him.

KentBenMei953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

We can't? I'm playing Broken Age on Vita right now...I'd happily back him again if he were to make a sequel to it.

Pullmywaffle953d ago

A lot of people think Hitler was a legend too. Would you want him coming back to rule Germany again?

Featuring_Dante953d ago

He made ninja gaiden z... that in itself is enough for me to banish him.

fei-hung953d ago

Inafune hasn't been the same since he left Capcom. Working for a company with funding etc and many more resources is different to working on tight budgets and resources.

At the moment it seems he not good at handling multiple projects, crowdfunding resources and finances and prioritising.

The quality of the games will know more of if and when they release.

ZeoZan953d ago

No! he's a money hungry! even we funded mighty no.9 but it still got a lot of problems and even it was not the same when it first announced for kickstarters.

TwoForce953d ago

Recore is also make by him. So i don't know his game is going be good or not.

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